Copper Mountain 2006
Program and Schedule
(as of 14 March)

This program is preliminary and subject to modifications.   Times given here are only estimates, and are likely to change.   We will try to limit most schedule changes to within the given day.   Participants and speakers should monitor this page and the bulletin board at the conference.
Speakers should plan their talks to be at most 20 minutes, with a 5 minute question and answer period.   Program Chairs will adhere strictly to this schedule.

We will provide computer and overhead projectors for all day and evening sessions.

Thursday night's cash bar and banquet TBD.   All other activities will be held in the Copper Conference Center.

Sunday 2 April

Reception and Registration Check-in
Copper Conference Center


Monday 3 April

Room A B C
Session I
Topic Eigensolvers Newton-Krylov Krylov Subspace Methods
Chair Andrew Knyazev Homer Walker Christopher Beattie
8:00am Merico Argentati Homer Walker Eric de Sturler
8:25 Heidi Thornquist Joseph Simonis Serkan Gugercin
8:50am Sherry Li Gavino Pautasso Christopher Beattie
9:15am Olaf Schenk Giovanni Lapenta Lung Chak Chan
9:40am Joost Rommes Open Eun Joo Lee
10:05am Coffee Break
Session II
Topic Optimization Multigrid & Applications Navier-Stokes Solvers
Chair Tim Kelley Steve McCormick David Silvester
10:35am Michael Overton Tzanio Kolev Michele Benzi
11:00am Daniel Dunlavy Bart Vandereycken David Silvester
11:25am Josh Griffin Brendan Sheehan Andy Wathen
11:50am Sven Leyffer Jens Schmidt Jia Liu
12:15pm Lunch Break
Session III
Topic Multigrid & Applications Topics-Iterative Parallel Solvers
Chair Irad Yavneh Andy Wathen Kirk Jordan
4:30pm Luke Olson Marko Huhtanen Kirk Jordan
4:55pm Dimitri Mavriplis Stratis Gallopoulos Ulrike Yang
5:20pm Ludmil Zikatanov Chen Grief Bora Ucar
5:45pm Irad Yavneh Andy Wathen David Alber
6:10pm Dinner Break
Workshop I 7:30 - 9:00
Topic Simulation Based Optimization
Organizers: George Biros and Eldad Haber


Tuesday 4 April

Room A B C
Session I
Topic Electronic Structures Algebraic Multigrid PDEs
Chair Andrew Canning Ray Tuminaro Masha Sosonkina
8:00am Andrew Canning Scott MacLachlan Jill Reese
8:25am Chao Yang Geoffrey Sanders Chao-Jen Wong
8:50am Osini Marques Jonathan Hu Masha Sosonkina
9:15am J.L. Fattebert Clark Dohrmann Travis Austin
9:40am Ira Livshits Barry Lee Jok Tang
10:05am Coffee Break
Session II
Topic Inverse Problems FOSLs Navier-Stokes Solvers
Chair Misha Kilmer Jeff Heys Victoria Howle
10:35am Misha Kilmer Chad Westphal Victoria Howle
11:00am Rosemary Renaut Josh Nolting Christopher Newman
11:25am Adolfo Rodriguez Jeff Heys Robert Shuttleworth
11:50am Open Alfonso Limon Michael Heroux
12:15pm Lunch Break
Session III
Topic Multigrid and Applications Optimization Multilevel Methods and PDEs
Chair Tom Manteuffel Andrew Conn Eldad Haber
4:30pm Marco Donatelli Lauren Hanson Eldad Haber
4:55pm Andrei Draganescu Timothy Rees Stephan Heldman
5:20pm Arie Verhoeven Lianjun Jiang Jinchao Xu
6:15pm Open Andrew Conn Jie Shen
6:40pm Dinner Break


Wednesday 5 April

Room A B
Session I
Topic Sparse Matrix Methods Nonlinear Applications
Chair Roland Freund Carol Woodward
8:00am Roland Freund Jason Howell
8:25am David Fritzsche Raphael Bru
8:50am Sara Knepper Guangri Xue
9:15am Vladimir Kostic Stephen Langdon
9:40am Leonid Berlyand Peter Shi
10:05am Coffee Break
Session II
Topic Optimization Algebraic Multigrid
Chair Michael Overton Jan Mandel
10:35am Genetha Gray Jeff Butler
11:00am Andreas Wachter James Brannick
11:25am David Echeverria Jonathan Boyle
11:50am Ben-Shan Liao Jan Mandel
12:15pm Lunch Break
Session III
Topic Stochastic Problems Dynamic Data Driven Apps
Chair Xiao-Chuan Cai Craig Douglas
4:30pm Darran Furnival Craig Douglas
4:55pm Chao Jin C. Johnson and S. Parker
5:20pm Hector Klie J. Coen and J. Mandel
5:45pm Open J. Mandel and J. Beezley
6:10pm Dinner
Workshop II 7:30 - 9:00
Topic Dynamic Data Driven Liquid Flows
Organizer: Craig Douglas


Thursday 6 April

Room A B
Session I
Topic Domain Decomposition Discretization and Solvers
Chair Daniel Szyld TBD
8:00am Sergui Ovtchinnikov Mikhail Zaslavsky
8:25am Matthew Anderson Vadim Dyadechko
8:50am Xuihong Du Katherine Evans
9:15am Daniel Szyld Ramani Duraiswami
9:40am Andrew Salinger Luis Chacon
10:05am Coffee Break
Session II
Topic Krylov Subspace Methods Helmholtz Solvers
Chair Iain Duff Kees Vuik
10:35am Ilya Lashuk Rainer Fischer
11:00am Iain Duff Kees Vuik
11:25am Martin Gutknecht Jari Toivanen
11:50am Open Yuriy Gryazin
12:15pm Lunch Break
Session III
Topic Student Presentations
Chair TBD
4:30pm Sue Dollar  
4:55pm Elena Virnick  
5:20pm Haim Waisman  
5:45pm Break
6:30-9:30pm Banquet


Friday 7 April

Room A B
Session I
Topic Continuation Methods Software Tools
Chair Tim Kelley Howard Elman
8:00 Eric Phipps Howard Elman
8:25 Kelly Dickson Ryan Mckenzie
8:50am Robert Beardmore Andreas Stathopoulos
9:15am Monte Pettitt Andrew Knyazev
9:40am Tim Kelley Brian Adams
10:05am Coffee Break
Session II
Topic PDEs Preconditioning Methods
10:35am Bobby Philip Victor Pan
11:00am Maria Karampataki Sebastian Loisel
11:25am John Baird Julien Langou
11:50am Open Haifeng Qian
12:15pm Close of Meeting