Copper Mountain 2014
Program and Schedule
(as of 21 March, 2014)

This program is subject to modifications.   We will try to limit most schedule changes to within the given day.   Participants and speakers should monitor this page and the bulletin board at the conference.
Speakers should plan their talks to be at most 25 minutes, including a 5 minute question and answer period.   Program Chairs will adhere strictly to this schedule.

We will provide computer projectors for all day and evening sessions. Overhead projectors will NOT be provided.

All conference activities will be held in the Copper Conference Center.

The italicized entries in the program correspond to the papers participating in the student paper competition.

Sunday 6 April, 2014

Registration and Reception
Cash Bar and Light Buffet
Copper Conference Center


Monday 7 April

7:30-8:30am Breakfast Buffet [Copper Conference Center]
Session 1
Room Bighorn B Bighorn C/1 Bighorn C/2
Topic AMG, Part 1 Inverse Problems, Part 1 Hybrid Direct/Iterative
Chair Steve McCormick Brett Bader Badr Alkahtani
8:00am Appelhans, David
"Multi-level Range Decomposition for Massively Parallel Machines"
Bader, Brett
"Inverse Problems for Shallow Water Bathymetry from Multispectral Imagery"
Alkahtani, Badr
"Iterative Method (GMRES) vs Direct Solver for Solving Navier-Stokes Equations"
8:25am Bienz, Amanda
"Scalability of Non-Galerkin Parallel Algebraic Multigrid "
Bakhos, Tania
"Fast Krylov Solvers for Parabolic PDE-based Inverse Problems"
Shen, Jie
"Fast Structured Direct Spectral Methods for Differential Equations with Variable Coefficients"
8:50am Open Open Choi, Sou-Cheng
"Generalized Minimal Residual Methods for Singular Linear Systems or Linear Least-Squares Problems"
9:15am Coffee and Tea Service
Session 2
Room Bighorn B Bighorn C/1 Bighorn C/2
Topic Architectures Optimization, Part 1 Coupled Problems, Part 1
Chair Kirk Jordan Paul Tsuji Andrei Draganescu
9:45am Gahvari, Hormozd
"Tying Iterative Solvers to Performance Models: Experiences with Algebraic Multigrid "
Leyffer, Sven
"Optimization Problems in Phase Retrieval"
Draganescu, Andrei
"Optimal-order Multigrid Preconditioners for Linear Systems arising in the Semi-smooth Newton Solution of Certain PDE-constrained Optimization Problems"
10:10am Naumov, Maxim
"AmgX: Algebraic Multigrid and Preconditioned Iterative Methods on GPUs "
Tsuji, Paul
"PDE-Constrained Optimization and KKT Preconditioners for Nonsymmetric Indefinite Problems "
Brennan, Brian
"Block Preconditioners for a Coupled Pressure-Temperature Model of Trace Gas Sensors"
10:35am Yang, Ulrike
"Experiences with Algebraic Multigrid on Blue Gene/Q"
Ulbrich, Michael
"A Semismooth Newton-CG Method for Constrained Parameter Identification in Seismic Tomography"
Debreu, Laurent
"Multigrid Solvers and Multigrid Preconditioners for the Solution of Variational Data Assimilation Problems "
11:00am Open Ulbrich, Stefan
"Multilevel Methods for PDE-Constrained Optimization Based on Adaptive Discretizations and Reduced Order Models"
He, Xiaoming
"A Multi-physics Domain Decomposition Method of the Steady-state Navier-Stokes-Darcy Model with Beavers-Joseph Condition"
11:25am Open Open Ho, Nguyenho
"Accelerated Uzawa Iteration for the Stokes Equations "
11:50pm Lunch Break
4:00pm Coffee and Tea Service
Session 3
Room Bighorn B Bighorn C/1 Bighorn C/2
Topic AMG, Part 2 Helmholtz Applications/Quantum Chemsitry
Chair Luke Olson Ray Tuminaro Andrew Canning
4:30pm Chen, Meng-Huo
"Analysis of an Aggregation-Based Algebraic Two-Grid Method for a Rotated Anisotropic Diffusion Problem "
Lahaye, Domenico
"Improving the Shifted Laplacian Preconditioner for the Helmholtz Equation by Multilevel Deflation"
Canning, Andrew
"A Hybrid OpenMP/MPI Conjugate Gradient Iterative Eigensolver for First-Principles Plane Wave Electronic Structure Codes "
4:55pm Olson, Luke
"Using a Root-Node Based Approach to Algebraic Multigrid"
Tuminaro, Ray
"Augmented AMG-Shifted Laplacian Preconditioners for Indefinite Helmholtz Problems"
Anton, Lucian
"Comparing Parallel Performance for a Geometric Multigrid Solver Using Hybrid Parallelism, MPI Shared Memory and Multiple GPUs"
5:20pm Wang, Lu
"Parallel Auxilliary Grid AMG Method for GPU"
Open Nance, James
"Following Molecular Reaction Paths with Sparse Interpolatory Surrogate Models"
5:45pm Open Open Osei-Kuffuor, Daniel
"An Accurate and Scalable O(N) Algorithm for Large-Scale First-Principles Molecular Dynamics Computations"
6:10pm Dinner Break


Tuesday 8 April

7:30-8:30am Breakfast Buffet [Copper Conference Center]
Session 4
Room Bighorn B Bighorn C/1 Bighorn C/2
Topic Optimization, Part 2 Applications/MHD UQ/Stochastic PDEs
Chair Sven Leyffer James Adler Mahadevan Ganesh
8:00am Kelley, Tim
"Derivative-Free Optimization of Functions with embedded Monte Carlo Simulations"
Benson, Thomas
"Robust Multigrid Methods for Magnetohydrodynamics"
Osborn, Sarah
"Preconditioning Techniques for Stochastic Galerkin Discretizations of PDEs with Random Data"
8:25am Kouri, Drew
"Inexactness in Trust-Region Algorithms with Applications to Adaptive Refinement"
Moulton, David
"Exploring Parallelization and Performance of a Particle in Cell Method on Curvilinear Grids"
Fregosi, Anna
"Uncertainty Quantification for Heat Transport in the Shallow Subsurface"
8:50am Lieb, Anna
"Optimization of Intermittent Water Supply"
Sturdevant, Benjamin
"Iterative Methods for an Implicit - Hybrid Kinetic Plasma Model"
Ganesh, Mahadevan
"Uncertainty Quantification Algorithms for Multiple Component Wave Propagation Configurations"
9:15am Coffee and Tea Service
Session 5
Room Bighorn B Bighorn C/1 Bighorn C/2
Topic Time Integration Inverse Problems, Part 2 Multiphysics, Part 1
Chair Tim Kelley Misha Kilmer Howard Elman
9:45am Chaudhry, Jehanzeb
"Multi-level Parallel Time Integration"
Berisha, Sebastian
"Constrained Iterative Solver for Deblurring and Sparse Unmixing of Hyperspectral Images"
Cyr, Eric
"A New Split Preconditioner for 3D Magnetohydrodynamics"
10:10am Minion, Michael
"Interweaving PFASST and Parallel Multigrid"
Chung, Julianne
"Computing Optimal Low-Rank Regularized Inverse Matrices for Inverse Problems"
Chen, Guangye
"An Energy- and Charge-conserving, Fully Implicit, Eletromagnetic Particle-in-cell Algorithm"
10:35am Alyoubi, Ahmad
"Parallel Algorithms for a Class of Space-Time Evolutionary Models"
Kilmer, Misha
"An Adaptive Inner-outer Iterative Regularization Method for Edge Recovery"
Cai, Xiao-Chuan
"An Implicit Domain Decomposition Algorithm for the Discrete-Velocity BGK model of the Boltzmann equation"
11:00am Brown, Jed
"Fast Solvers for Implicit Runge-Kutta"
Saibaba, Arvind
"Fast Algorithms for Hyperspectral Diffuse Optical Tomography"
Elman, Howard
"Block Preconditioners for the Stationary MHD Equations in Exact Penalty Formulation"
11:25am Friedhoff, Stephanie
"Parallel Time Integration with Multigrid for Parabolic Problems"
Open Evans, Katherine
"Implicit Time Stepping Methods Applied Within the Community Atmosphere Model"
11:50am Lunch Break
4:00pm Coffee and Tea Service
Session 6
Room Bighorn B Bighorn C/1 Bighorn C/2
Topic Least Squares/Discretization Eigensolvers Multiphysics, Part 2
Chair Tom Manteuffel Chrisophe Calvin Chris Newman
4:30pm Adler, James
"A Non-Symmetric Least-Squares Finite-Element Method for Singularly Perturbed Reaction-Diffusion"
Calvin, Christophe
"Toward Smart Tuning on Restarting Strategies for the ERAM Solver"
Newman, Chris
"Implicit/explicit Method for the Free-surface Ocean Equations"
4:55pm Allen, Jeffery
"New FOSLS Formulation of Nonlinear Stokes Flow for Glaciers"
Vecharynski, Eugene
"Preconditioned Eigenvalue Computations for non-Hermitian Matrices"
Lemieux, Jean-Francois
"A Second-Order Accurate in Time IMplicit-EXplicit (IMEX) Integration Scheme for Sea Ice Dynamics"
5:20pm Bertrand, Fleurianne
"First-Order System Least Squares on Curved Boundaries"
Xia, Jianlin
"Fast and Superfast Eigensolvers for Structured Matrices"
Leibs, Chris
"Preconditioning a Two-fluid Electromagnetic Model Using Physics-Based Preconditioning and First-Order System Least Squares"
5:45pm Munzenmaier, Steffen
"A Least Squares Finite Element Method for Coupled Surface/Groundwater Flows"
Open Park, HyeongKae
"Efficient, Three Temperature, Thermal Radiative Transfer Solutions via a Moment-Based, Scale-Bridging Algorithm"
6:10pm Dinner Break


Wednesday 9 April

7:30-8:30am Breakfast Buffet [Copper Conference Center]
Session 7
Room Bighorn B Bighorn C/1 Bighorn C/2
Topic Krylov Accelerators, Part 1 Optimization, Part 3 Applications/Misc.
Chair Roger Sidje Eldad Haber Deena Giffen
8:00am Sidje, Roger
"Simultaneous Tridiagonalization of Two Large Sparse Symmetric Matrices with a Three-Term Recurrence"
Haber, Eldad
"On Large Scale Inverse Problems that Cannot be Solved"
Giffen, Deena
"Simulating Non-Dilute Transport in Porous Media Using a TCAT-Based Model"
8:25am de Sturler, Eric
"Computing Preconditioners for Parameterized Matrices"
Martins, Joaquim
"Large-Scale Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Aerospace Systems "
Quaife, Bryan
"Spectral Deferred Correction Methods for Vesicle Suspensions"
8:50am Szyld, Daniel
"Classical Iterative Methods for the Solution of Generalized Lyapunov Equations"
Sachs, Ekkehard
"Reduced Order models in PDE-Constrained Optimization "
Hengbin, An
"Parallel Solution for Multi-Group Radiation Transfer Equations"
9:15am Coffee and Tea Service
Session 8
Room Bighorn B Bighorn C/1 Bighorn C/2
Topic AMG, Part 3 Domain Decomposition Nonlinear Solvers
Chair Andrey Prokopenko Mark Adams Carol Woodward
9:45am Prokopenko, Andrey
"Improving Parallel Performance of Coarse Grids in an Algebraic Multigrid"
Adams, Mark
"Memory Movement Minimizing Multigrid Techniques; Segmental Refinement Revisited"
Dogan, Gunay
"A Fast Algorithm to Compute the Shape Dissimilarity of Elastic Curves"
10:10am Falgout, Rob
"Theoretical Advances Regarding Non-Galerkin Coarse-Grid Operators for Algebraic Multigrid"
Deng, Xiaomao
"Parallel Space-time Domain Decomposition Methods for Inverse Source Identification Problems"
Muller, Benjamin
"Mixed Least Squares Finite Element Methods for Geometrically Nonlinear Hyperelasticity"
10:35am Siefert, Christopher
"Local Smoothers for CDFEM with Sub-Element Discontinuities"
Ong, Ben
"Pipeline Schwarz Waveform Relaxation"
Toth, Alexander
"Local Convergence Analysis for Anderson Acceleration"
11:00am Villa, Umberto
"AMG Solvers for Upscaled Mixed Finite Element Discretizations"
Kong, Fande
"A Multilevel Domain Decomposition Method with a Boundary Geometry Preserving Coarse Space for Elasticity Equation"
Woodward, Carol
"Nonlinear Solvers for Dislocation Dynamics"
11:25am Wobbes, Elizaveta
"On the Use of AMG in Reservoir Simulations"
Lazarov, Boyan
"Contrast Independent Domain Decomposition Preconditioners for Topology Optimization Under Manufacturing Uncertainties"
11:50pm Lunch Break
4:00pm Coffee and Tea Service
Session 9
Room Bighorn B Bighorn C/1 Bighorn C/2
Topic Large Graphs/Markov Chains Applications/Matrix Computations Multiphysics, Part 3
Chair Michele Benzi Minghao Rostami John Shadid
4:30pm Dalton, Steven
"Graph Partitioning on the GPU"
Lowery, Bradley
"Stability Analysis of QR Factorization in an Oblique Inner Product"
Phillips, Edward
"Block Preconditioners for Fully Coupled MHD with Lagrange Multipliers"
4:55pm Deweese, Kevin
"Preconditioning Linear Systems Arising from Graph Laplacians of Complex Networks"
Petiton, Serge
"Parallel Algorithms for Arbitrary Size Sparse and Dense Matrices with Imposed Spectrum"
Shadid, John
"An Implicit Stabilized FE Solver for 3D Resistive MHD with Integrated Adjoint Capability"
5:20pm Jones, Tobias
"Aggressive Pruning in Linear- and Eigen-solvers for Graph Mining Problems"
Rostami, Minghao
"Lyapunov Inverse Iteration for Computing Pseudospectral Abscissa"
Taitano, William
"Moment-Based Acceleration for a Collisional Kinetic Plasma Model"
5:45pm Henson, Van Emden
"Community Detection in Graphs Based on a Multilevel Bipartite Matching "
Mitchell, Tim
"Fast Approximation of the H-infinity Norm via Hybrid Expansion-Contraction using Spectral Value Sets"
Willert, Jeffrey
"Improved Time-step Solutions for the TRT HOLO Algorithm"
6:10pm Dinner Break


Thursday 10 April

7:30-8:30am Breakfast Buffet [Copper Conference Center]
Session 10
Room Bighorn B Bighorn C/1
Topic Krylov Accelerators, Part 2 Stochastic Solvers/Neutronics
Chair Fei Xue Steven Hamilton
8:00am Wu, Lingfei
"Enhancing the PRIMME Eigensolver for Computing Accurately Singular Triplets of Large Matrices"
Hamilton, Steven
"Monte Carlo Synthetic Acceleration as Approximate Polynomial Preconditioning"
8:25am Xue, Fei
"Preconditioned Eigensolvers for Large-Scale Nonlinear Hermitian Eigenproblems"
Slattery, Stuart
"Multilevel Monte Carlo Solvers for Linear Systems"
8:50am Barker, Andrew
"Parallel Preconditioning for all-at-once Solution of Time-Dependent PDE-Constrained Optimization Problems"
Norton, Richard
"Langevin and Hamiltonian Proposals are Matrix Splittings"
9:15am Di Napoli, Edoardo
"An Optimized and Scalable Iterative Eigensolver for Sequences of Dense Eigenvalue Problems"
Ketelsen, Christian
"Least-Squares Finite-Element Discretization of the Neutron Transport Equation in Spherical Geometry"
9:40am Coffee and Tea Service
Session 11
Room Bighorn B Bighorn C/1 Bighorn C/2
Topic Resilient Solvers Coupled Problems, Part 2 Applications/Waves
Chair James Elliott Roger Pawlowski Benjamin Cowan
10:10am Calhoun, Jon
"Towards a More Fault Resilient Multigrid Solver"
Dillon, Geoffrey
"Block Preconditioners for Biot's Equations"
Cowan, Benjamin
"Application of Multigrid Techniques to Electromagnetic Systems"
10:35am Elliott, James
"Making Numerical Algorithms Tolerate Silent Data Corruption"
Pawlowski, Roger
"An Assessment of Coupling Algorithms for Parallel Coupled Neutronic and Thermal-Hydraulic Simulations"
Emerson, David
"Energy Minimization for Liquid Crystal Equilibrium Configurations with Applied Electric Fields"
11:00am Li, Xiaoye
"Design of Fault Tolerant Algorithms for Low Rank Factorization Preconditioners"
Morgenstern, Charles
"Coupled Computer Models for Wave Propagation in Heterogeneous Media"
Lago, Rafael
"CRMN Method for Solving Time-Harmonic Wave Equation"
11:25am Sao, Piyush
"Self-stabilizing Iterative Solvers"
Open Lecouvez, Matthieu
"Optimized Transmission Conditions for Domain Decomposition Methods for the Helmholtz Equation"
11:50am Open Open Lim, Hyun
"A Numerical Implementation of the Space-Time Finite Element Approach for the Semilinear Wave Equation"
12:15pm Lunch Break
3:45pm Coffee and Tea Service
Session 12
Room Bighorn B
Topic Student Paper Winners
Chair Michele Benzi and Ray Tuminaro
4:15pm Bosch, Jessica
"Preconditioning for Vector-Valued Cahn-Hilliard Equations"
4:45pm Gaaf, Sarah
"Probabilistic Bounds for the Matrix Condition Number with Extended Lanczos Bidiagonalization"
5:15pm Ladenheim, Scott
"Indefinite Preconditioning of the Coupled Stokes-Darcy System"
5:45pm Winlaw, Manda
"A Nonlinearly Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Algorithm for Rank-R Canonical Tensor Approximation"
6:15pm Break
6:30-7:00pm Cash bar and Dinner Banquet at Copper Conference Center
7:00-9:30pm Copper Conference Center


Friday 11 April

7:30-8:30am Breakfast Buffet [Copper Conference Center]
Session 13
Room Bighorn B Bighorn C/1
Topic Algebraic Preconditioners Applications/Neutronics
Chair Iain Duff William Dai
8:00am Chow, Edmond
"Iterative Construction of ILU Preconditioners"
Blake, Jack
"An Asymptotic Analysis of Preconditioned Linear Systems Arising from Discretisations of the Transport Equation within a Diffusive Regime"
8:25am Duff, Iain
"Preconditioning of Least-Squares Problems by Identifying Basic Variables"
Dai, William
"Interface- and Discontinuity-aware Numerical Schemes for 3-T Radiation Diffusion in Two and Three Dimensions"
8:50am Ferronato, Massimiliano
"A Factored Sparse Approximate Inverse Software Package (FSAIPACK) for the Parallel Preconditioning of Linear Systems"
Hanus, Milan
"Non-linear Algebraic Multigrid for Partial Eigenvalue Problem"
9:15am Janna, Carlo
"Supernodes in Factored Sparse Approximate Inverse Preconditioning"
9:40am Close of Conference

Thank you for attending.