Copper Mountain 2013
Program and Schedule
(as of 16 March, 2013)

This program is subject to modifications.   We will try to limit most schedule changes to within the given day.   Participants and speakers should monitor this page and the bulletin board at the conference.
Speakers should plan their talks to be at most 25 minutes, including a 5 minute question and answer period.   Program Chairs will adhere strictly to this schedule.

We will provide computer projectors for all day and evening sessions. Overhead projectors will NOT be provided.

All conference activities will be held in the Copper Conference Center.

The italicized entries in the program correspond to the papers participating in the student paper competition.

Sunday 17 March, 2013

Coffee and Tea Service
Continental Breakfast
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Check-in and registration
Copper Conference Center

Cash Bar and Appetizer Buffet at Copper Conference Center.

Sunday Multigrid Tutorials
8:30am-11:30am Multigrid - the Fundamentals, given by Irad Yavneh.
1:30pm- 4:00pm Algebraic Multigrid and Advanced Topics, given by Van Henson
Supplementary material MG Tutorial 2013         Why Multigrid Methods are so Efficient


Monday 18 March

7:30-9:00am Breakfast Buffet [Copper Conference Center]
Session 1
Topic Geometric and Structured
Chair Irad Yavneh
8:00am Bolten, Matthias
"Local Fourier Analysis for Block Smoothers in Multigrid Methods "
8:25am Rodrigo, Carmen
"An Efficient Multigrid Algorithm for Finite Difference Discretizations on Triangular Grids "
8:50am Sundar, Hari
"Geometric Multigrid for HIgher-Order Discretizations "
9:15am Benson, Thomas
"Multigrid Smoothers for Magnetohydrodynamics"
9:40am MacLachlan, Scott
"Predictive Mode Analysis of Parabolic Problems"
10:05am Coffee and Tea Service
Session 2
Topic Discretization & Coarsening
Chair Scott MacLachlan
10:25am Koestler, Harald
"Sparse Solving"
10:50am Jiao, Xiangmin
"A Multigrid Generalized Finite Difference (GFD) Method"
11:15am Ritter, Daniel
"Compact High-Order Finite Differences for Elliptic Variable Coefficient and Interface Problems"
11:40am Adler, James
"Constrained First-Order System Least Squares for Improved Mass Conservation"
12:05am Oh, Duk-Soon
"A Smoother Based on Nonoverlapping Domain Decomposition Methods for H(div) Problems"
12:30pm Lunch Break
3:45pm Coffee and Tea Service
Session 3
Topic Stochastic Problems
Chair Hans DeSterck
4:30pm Ganesh, Mahadevan
"An Iterative Algorithm for Uncertainty Quantification in a Class of Stochastic Wave Propagation Models"
4:55pm Wang, Qiqi
"Breaking Causality: Simulating Chaotic Dynamical Systems with Multigrid"
5:20pm Thompson, Ty
"Efficient Uncertainty Quantification for a Stochastic Ginzburg-Landau Model"
5:45pm Ketelsen, Christian
"Multilevel Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Uncertainty Quantification in Subsurface Flow"
6:10pm Dinner Break


Tuesday 19 March

7:30-9:00am Breakfast Buffet [Copper Conference Center]
Session 4
Topic Fast Computation
Chair Ulrike Yang
8:00am Jordan, Kirk
"Systematically Reducing Data Movement in Algebraic Multigrid"
8:25am Moulton, David
"Using Manycore and Accelerted Architectures to Improve Performance of Robust Structured Multigrid Methods"
8:50am Ghysels, Pieter
"Increasing the Arithmetic Intensity of Multigrid on Many-Core Chips"
9:15am Gmeiner, Bjorn
"PetaScale Finite Element Methods for Hierarchical Hybrid Grids using Hybrid Parallelization"
9:40am Esler, Kenneth
"Fully Accelerating Classical AMG with GAMPACK (GPU Algebraic Multigrid PACKage)"
10:05am Coffee and Tea Service
Session 5
Topic Optimization, Control, Discontinuities
Chair Jacob Schroder
10:25am Nash, Stephen
"Using Inexact Gradients in a Multilevel Optimization Algorithm"
10:50am Coco, Armando
"Second Order Multigrid Methods for Elliptic Problems with Discontinuous Coefficients on an Arbitrary Interface"
11:15am Siefert, Christopher
"Multilevel Preconditioners for the XFEM with Weak Discontinuities"
11:40am Draganescu, Andrei
"Multigrid Preconditioners for Optimal Control Problems in Fluid Flow"
12:05am Di, Zichao
"Applications and Recent Developments of Multilevel Optimization Framework (MG/OPT)"
12:30am Lunch Break
3:45pm Coffee and Tea Service
Session 6
Topic Parallel Computing
Chair Sue Brenner
4:30pm Yang, Ulrike
"Reducing Communication in Algebraic Multigrid Using Additive Variants"
4:55pm Reps, Bram
"Communication Avoiding Strategies for Linear Solvers in a Space-Filling Curve Framework"
5:20pm Schroder, Jacob
"Non-Galerkin Coarse-Grid Operators for Parallel Algebraic Multigrid"
5:45pm Jones, Tobias
"Algebraic Multilevel Domain and Range Decomposition (aMLDD/aMLRD)"
6:10pm Dinner Break
8:00pm Organized by Harald Koestler :
"Multigrid Showcase"


Wednesday 20 March

7:30-9:00am Breakfast Buffet [Copper Conference Center]
Session 7
Topic Aggregation & Agglomeration
Chair Ilya Safro
8:00am Treister, Eran
"Sparsified Coarsening Multigrid for Convection Diffusion"
8:25am Cerwinsky, Derrick
"Roughed Aggregation"
8:50am Lashuk, Ilya
"Element Agglomeration Coarsening of High-Order H (div)-Conforming Finite Element Spaces"
9:15am Chen, Meng-Huo (Alan)
"Analysis of an Aggregation-Based Algebraic Multigrid Methods on Matrices Related to a 1D Model Problem"
9:40am Choi, Daeshik
"A Sharp Bound on the Convergence Rate of an Aggregation-Based Algebaic Multi-Grid Method Applied to a 1D Model Problem"
10:05am Coffee and Tea Service
Session 8
Topic Multiscale & Applications
Chair Geoff Sanders
10:25am Safro, Ilya
"Multiscale Methods for Large Networks: Response to Epidemics and Network Generation Problems"
10:50am Park, Hyeong Kae
"Multigrid Preconditioning for Monte Carlo Solution of Thermal Radiative Transfer Problems"
11:15am Jonsthovel, Tom
"A Comparison of a Rigid Body Mode Deflation Method and AMG for Simulation of 3D Mechanics"
11:40am Christensen, Max la Cour
"Nonlinear Multigrid for Reservoir Simulation"
12:05am Tamstorf, Rasmus
"Plausibly Unrealistic Physical Simulation in Animation"
12:30pm Lunch Break
3:45pm Coffee and Tea Service
Session 9
Topic Student Paper Winners
Chair Van Emden Henson
4:30pm Cools, Siegfried
"An Efficient Multigrid Calculation of the Far Field Map for Helmholtz Equations"
4:55pm Friedhoff, Stephanie
"A Multigrid-in-time Algorithm for Solving Evolution Equations in Parallel"
5:20pm Kalchev, Delyan
"Adaptive Multilevel AMG for Sequences of Problems with Gradually Changing Random Coefficients"
5:45pm Break
6:15-7:00pm Cash bar and Dinner Banquet at Copper Conference Center


Thursday 21 March

7:30-9:00am Breakfast Buffet [Copper Conference Center]
Session 10
Topic Parallel & Multiscale
Chair David Moulton
8:00am Prokopenko, Andrey
"Energy Minimization in Parallel Setting"
8:25am Abbeloos, Dirk
"A Half-space Analysis Framework for Boundary Control Problems"
8:50am Glimberg, Stefan
"Multi-level Parallelization via Spatial and Temporal Decomposition on Heterogeneous Hardware"
9:15am Lu, Cao
"HyGA: A Hybrid Geometric+Algebraic Multigrid Solver for Weighted-Residual Methods with Hierarchical Meshes"
9:40am Jones, Jim
"Parallel Multigrid Solvers in Coastal Ocean Simulations"
10:05am Coffee and Tea Service
Session 11
Topic Physics & Images
Chair Rob Falgout
10:25am Zhao, Jing
"A Multigrid Method with an FFT Smoother and Deflation Techniques for Elastic Contact Problems"
10:50am Ruede, Ulrich
"A Multi-scale Algorithm to Recover Optimal Convergence in the Presence of Corner Singularities"
11:15am Quaife, Bryan
"Multigrid Applied to Two-Dimensional Vesicle Suspensions"
11:40am Villa, Umberto
"Block AMG Preconditioners For Mixed Finite Element Discretization of Porous Media Flow Problems"
12:05pm Lunch Break
3:45pm Coffee and Tea Service
Session 12
Topic Linear Algebra & Preconditioners
Chair Uli Rüde
4:30 De Sterck, Hans
"Adaptive Algebraic Multigrid for Singular Value Decomposition"
4:55pm Sanders, Geoff
"Eigenvectors of Matrices Associated with Scale-free Graphs"
5:20pm Tsuji, Paul
"Analysis of Shifted Laplacian Preconditioners Through Chebyshev Polynomials"
5:45pm Morgan, Ron
"Krylov Multigrid Eigenvalue Computations"
6:10pm Dinner Break


Friday 22 April

7:30-9:00am Breakfast Buffet [Copper Conference Center]
Session 13
Topic Computational Physics
Chair Gabriel Wittum
8:00am Vanroose, Wim
"An Efficient Multigrid Calculation of the Far Field Map for Schrodinger Equations"
8:25am Cowan, Benjamin
"AMG Methods for Indefinite Helmholtz and Maxwell Systems"
8:50am Newman, Christopher
"Preconditioners for Ocean Simulation"
9:15am Hertel, Kai
"An Iterative Solver Combined with Extrapolation for Steady-State Maxwell Problems"
9:40am Vaselaar, Robert
"Trigonometric Space-Time Discretization of the Gauge-Free Dirac Equation and its Implementation"
10:05pm Coffee and Tea Service
Session 14
Topic Software
Chair Harald Köstler
10:25am Bergen, Ben
"BoxMG and OpenCL"
10:50am Wittum, Gabriel
"UG 4 a Novel Multigrid Software System for the Simulation of PDE-Based Model"
11:15am Falgout, Rob
"HYPRE: High Performance Preconditioners"
11:40am Strozdka, Robert
"GPU-based AMG library from Nvidia"
12:05pm Close of Conference

Thank you for attending.