CMCMM 2013 Evening Workshop

Abstract: The multigrid showcase presents various applications that benefit from fast multigrid solvers. Several groups will show multigrid software packages in action and summarize background information in a related poster session.

  1. Eran Treister, Irad Yavneh: A multilevel approach for l-1 penalized least squares minimization
  2. Harald Köstler, Björn Gmeiner: Visualization of parallel multigrid methods
  3. Hans de Sterck: Algebraic multigrid for graphs and images
  4. Tzanio Kolev, Ulrike Meier Yang: hypre, a scalable linear solvers library
  5. Matthias Bolten: Usage of Multigrid in the ScaFaCoS Library of Scalable Fast Coulomb Solvers
  6. Tom Jonsthovel, Scott MacLachlan: Workflow comparison of an AMG and deflation based preconditioner for 3D structural mechanics FE code
  7. Robert Strzodka: A GPU-based AMG library from Nvidia