Copper Mountain 2016
Program and Schedule
(as of 19 March, 2016)

This program is subject to modifications.   We will try to limit most schedule changes to within the given day.   Participants and speakers should monitor this page and the bulletin board at the conference.
Speakers should plan their talks to be at most 20 minutes, with a 5 minute question and answer period.   Program Chairs will adhere strictly to this schedule.

We will provide computer projectors for all day and evening sessions. Overhead projectors will NOT be provided.

All conference activities will be held in the Copper Conference Center.

The italicized entries in the program correspond to the papers participating in the student paper competition.

Sunday 20 March, 2016

Registration and Reception
Cash Bar and Light Buffet
Copper Conference Center


1:00pm-5:00pm Linear Algebraic Graph Mining - Tutorial and Discussion
Van Emden Henson, LLNL
Location: Bighorn C/1 at the Copper Conference Center


Monday 21 March

7:30-8:30am Breakfast [Copper Conference Center]
Room Bighorn B Bighorn C/1 Bighorn C/2
Session 1
Topic Linear Algebra
For Data Mining, Part 1
Linear Systems
Optimization, Part 1 Architecture/MG & DD, Part 1
Chair Geoff Sanders Tim Kelley Carol Woodward
8:00am Shen, Zhao-Li
"An efficient preconditioner based on a partial low-rank factorization for PageRank problems"
Greene, Patrick
"Newton's Method with Discontinuous Galerkin Projections Applied to Minimization Problems in Level Set Re-distancing and Weighted Condition Number Mesh Relaxation"
Appelhans, David
"Nested Iteration Range Decomposition: A scalable, low communication PDE solution method with numerical results on advection-diffusion problem"
8:25am Deweese, Kevin
"An Empirical Comparison of Graph Laplacian Solvers"
Haddock, Jamie
"A Sampling Kaczmarz-Motzkin Algorithm for Linear Feasibility"
8:50am Fox, Alyson
"Numerical Methods for Gremban's Expansion of Signed Graphs "
Kuberry, Paul
"An optimization-based approach for interfaces with gaps and overlaps via virtual controls "
Chow, Edmond
"Reducing communication costs in distributed relaxation methods "
9:15am Howell, Gary
"LU Preconditioning for Iterative Solution of Overdetermed Sparse Least Squares Problems "
Qian, Elizabeth
"A Certified Reduced Basis Approach to PDE-constrained Parameter Optimization "
Ruede, Ulrich
"Parallel Textbook Multigrid Efficiency "
9:40am Open Leyffer, Sven
"Mixed-Integer PDE Constrained Optimization "
Szyld, Daniel
"Asynchronous Optimized Schwarz Methods for the solution of PDEs "
10:05am Coffee and Tea Service
Session 2
Topic Linear Algebra
For Data Mining, Part 2
Eigensystems and SVD
Optimization, Part 2 Architecture/Algorithms
Chair Alex Breuer Sven Leyffer Kirk Jordan
10:25am Henson, Van Emden
"Tools for spectral near-bipartite community detection "
Ulbrich, Stefan
"Preconditioners for time-dependent PDE-constrained optimization and their application based on Parareal time-domain decomposition "
Boman, Erik
"Parallel and Asynchronous Preconditioners for Manycore Architectures "
10:50am Benson, Austin
"Higher-order organization of complex networks"
Rund, Armin
"PDE-constrained optimization with switching controls"
Grigori, Laura
"Low rank approximation of a sparse matrix based on LU factorization with column and row tournament pivoting"
11:15am Sanders, Geoff
"Detecting Highly-Cyclic Structure with Complex Eigenpairs"
Lass, Oliver
"Robust optimization using a second order approximation technique in parametrized shape optimization"
Sao, Piyush
"Scalable Sparse Direct Solver for Hybrid Architecture"
11:40am Klinvex, Alicia
"Clustering network data through effective use of eigensolvers and hypergraph models"
Ulbrich, Michael
"Constrained Optimization with Low-Rank Tensors and Applications to Problems with PDEs under Uncertainty "
Schulz, Martin
"Addressing Performance Challenges on Modern Node Architectures "
12:05am Noack, Andreas
"Faster than FastPCA: High performance principal components analysis of genomics data"
Wild, Stefan
"Manifold Sampling for L1 Nonconvex Optimization "
Yamazaki, Ichitaro
"Preconditioning Communication-Avoiding Krylov Methods"
12:30-2:00pm Lunch Break
Discussions 2:00pm-4:00pm
Linear Algebraic Data Mining Research Topics - Breuer/Sanders to moderate
2:00-2:30 Goals statements, group organization
2:30-3:30 Group discussions
3:30-4:00 Reconvene, future planning
4:00-4:30pm Coffee and Tea Service
Session 3
Topic Linear Algebra
For Data Mining, Part 3
Extended Topics
Krylov Methods, Part 1 Ice/Climate
Chair Van Emden Henson Homer Walker Ray Tuminaro
4:30pm Benzi, Michele
"Numerical solution of differential equations on graphs"
Ghai, Aditi
"An Empirical Comparison of Krylov Subspace Methods for Nonsymmetric Linear Systems from PDEs"
Allen, Jeffery
"Fluidity Based Formulation of Nonlinear Stokes Flow for Ice Sheets using FOSLS"
4:55pm Pasini, Massimiliano Lupo
"Monte Carlo Acceleration of Iterative Solvers for Eigenvalue Problems "
Gu, Xian-Ming
"Nested Krylov subspace methods based on the Hessenberg procedure for shifted linear systems"
Bueler, Ed
"Computing glacier geometry in nonlinear complementarity problem form"
5:20pm Fairbanks, James
"Eigenresidual Tolerances for Spectral Partitioning"
O'Connell, Meghan
"Krylov Recycling for Sequences of Shifted Systems"
Gardner, David
"Implicit Time Stepping and Preconditioning for Global Atmospheric Dynamics in Climate Simulation"
5:45pm Lehoucq, Rich
"Hypothesis testing for community detection on the stochastic block model"
Robertson, Amber
"Approximation of the Scattering Amplitude using Nonsymmetric Saddle Point Matrices"
Isaac, Tobin
"DofColumns: a plugin for PETSc's PCGAMG"
6:10pm Glaws, Andrew
"A Lanczos method for parameter dimension reduction with inverse regression "
Sun, Dong-Lin
"A block GMRES method with deflated restarting for solving linear systems with multiple shifts and multiple right-hand sides"
Martin, Daniel
"Solver Challenges in AMR Ice Sheet Modeling"
6:35pm Dinner Break


Tuesday 22 March

7:30-8:30am Breakfast [Copper Conference Center]
Room Bighorn B Bighorn C/1 Bighorn C/2
Session 4
Topic UQ/Stochastic PDEs, Part 1 Parallel in Time Robust/Scalable, Part 1
Chair Howard Elman Tom Manteuffel John Shadid
8:00am Bollhoefer, Matthias
"Sparse Inverse Covariance Estimation Using Sparse Matrices"
Badia, Santiago
"Scalable space-time balancing domain-decomposition solvers"
Benson, Thomas
"Monolithic Multigrid for a B-field Incompressible, Resistive Magnetohydrodynamics Model"
8:25am Robbe, Pieterjan
"A Practical Multilevel Quasi-Monte Carlo Method for PDEs with Random Coefficients"
Lecouvez, Matthieu
"A parallel-in-time algorithm for variable stepsize multistep methods"
Bochev, Pavel
"Optimization-based additive decomposition of weakly coercive problems with applications to iterative solver design"
8:50am Osborn, Sarah
"A Multilevel Solution Strategy for the Stochastic Galerkin Method for PDEs with Random Input Data"
O'Neill, Ben
"Multigrid Reduction in Time for Nonlinear Parabolic Equations"
Chacon, Luis
"An optimal, fully implicit algorithm for the low-beta extended MHD model"
9:15am Phipps, Eric
"Embedded Ensemble Propagation for Improving Performance, Portability and Scalability of Uncertainty Quantification on Emerging Computational Architectures"
Schroder, Jacob
"Multigrid Reduction in Time: Recent theoretical results"
Chen, Guangye
"Nonlinearly implicit, multidimensional, electromagnetic particle-in-cell algorithms for kinetic simulation of plasmas"
9:40am Open Open Hu, Xiaozhe
"Efficient Solvers for Asymptotically Disappearing Solutions of Maxwell's Equations"
10:05am Coffee and Tea Service
Session 5
Topic Multigrid, Part 1 UQ/Stoch. PDEs, Part 2 Inverse/Regularization, Part 1
Chair Steve McCormick Karen Willcox Jim Nagy
10:25am Bolten, Matthias
"Advanced smoothing techniques and aggressive coarsening for massively parallel multigrid"
Kumar, Prashant
"Multilevel Monte Carlo convergence using high-order finite volume methods for elliptic PDEs with random coefficients "
Bardsley, Jonathan
"Sampling from Bayesian Inverse Problems with L1-type Priors using Randomize-then-Optimize"
10:50am Spies, Lukas
"Structured-grid Multigrid for Taylor-Hood finite elements"
Lam, Remi
"An Optimization Framework for Hybrid First-Principles Data-Driven Modeling"
Chung, Julianne
"Optimal Regularized Inverse Matrices as Preconditioners for Inverse Problems"
11:15 Siefert, Christopher
"Won't you be my neighbor? A look at neighbor discovery for algebraic multigrid"
Peherstorfer, Benjamin
"Multifidelity Monte Carlo estimation with multiple surrogate models"
Ruthotto, Lars
"jInv - A Flexible Framework for Parallel PDE Parameter Estimation in Julia"
11:40am Southworth, Ben
"A new look at interpolation in root-node smoothed aggregation"
van Bloemen Waanders, Bart
"Optimization under Uncertainty Constrained by Multiscale Phenomena"
12:05pm Open Open Open
12:30-2:00pm Lunch Break
Discussions 2:00pm-4:00pm
2:00-4:00pm UQ/Stochastic PDEs - moderated by Howard Elman and Bart van Bloemen Waanders
4:00-4:30pm Coffee and Tea Service
Session 6
Topic Nonlinear Solvers, Part 1 Inverse/Regularization, Part 2 Multigrid, Part 2
Chair Homer Walker Misha Kilmer Tom Manteuffel
4:30pm An, Hengbin
"Anderson acceleration and application to three temperature energy equations"
de Sturler, Eric
"Randomized Methods and Model Reduction for Accelerating the Solution of Inverse Problems"
Adams, Mark
"Experimental investigation of the asymptotics of segmental refinement multigrid"
4:55pm Haelterman, Rob
"Does Anderson always Accelerate Picard ?"
Garvey, Clarissa
"Approximate SVD preconditioners for large-scale inverse problems"
Henneking, Stefan
"Evanescent data segmental refinement multigrid: ideas and experiments"
5:20pm Kelley, C. T.
"Local Improvement Results for Anderson Acceleration and Inaccurate Function Evaluations "
Herring, James
"Optimization Schemes for Phase Recovery in Bispectral Imaging"
Tillay, Jeremy
"Analysis of Segmental Refinement Multigrid (SRMG)"
5:45pm Pawlowski, Roger
"Comparing Anderson Acceleration to Newton-based Solvers on Multiphysics Systems"
Kilmer, Misha
"Tomographic Image Reconstruction via Tensor-Based Dictionary Learning "
MacLachlan, Scott
"Composite Grid Multigrid for Diffusion on the Sphere"
6:10pm Woodward, Carol
"Recent Advances for Anderson Acceleration in Parallel"
Mead, Jodi
"Statistical Tests for Total Variation Regularization Parameter Selection"
Mitchell, Wayne
"Discretization-Accuracy Convergence for Full Algebraic Multigrid"
6:35pm Dinner Break


Wednesday 23 March

7:30-8:30am Breakfast [Copper Conference Center]
Room Bighorn B Bighorn C/1 Bighorn C/2
Session 7
Topic Architecture/Portability & Resilience, Part 3 Eigenvalues/SVD, Part 1 Inverse/Regularization, Part 3
Chair Luke Olson Andreas Stathopoulos Jim Nagy
8:00am Calhoun, Jon
"How Silent Errors Propagate in Iterative Methods"
Romero Alcalde, Eloy
"Spectrum Slicing in the Context of Computing Many Eigenvalues in Large Hermitian Matrices"
Draganescu, Andrei
"Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioning of Distributed Optimal Control Problems Constrained by Elliptic Equations Based on Smoothed Aggregation "
8:25 Glusa, Christian
"Resilience Analysis for Multigrid Methods"
Elman, Howard
"The Use of Stochastic Collocation Methods to Understand Pseudo-Spectra in Linear Stability Analysis"
Gillman, Adrianna
"Inverse medium scattering using the Hierarchical Poincar'e-Steklov method"
8:50 Laguna, Ignacio
"Protecting Scientific Applications From Silent Data Corruption via Static Analysis and Machine Learning"
Stathopoulos, Andreas
"Deflation as variance reduction for computing the trace of the inverse"
Hajghassem, Mona
"Multigrid methods for boundary control of elliptic equations"
9:15am Robert, Yves
"Optimal resilience patterns to cope with fail-stop and silent errors -- application to sparse iterative solvers"
Li, Ruipeng
"A Thick-Restart Lanczos algorithm with polynomial filtering for Hermitian eigenvalue problems"
Howse, Alexander
"Nonlinearly Preconditioned Optimization on Grassmann Manifolds for Tucker Tensor Approximations"
9:40am Trott, Christian R.
"Performance Portability for Linear Algebra with Kokkos"
Morgan, Ron
"Krylov Methods for Difficult Eigenvalue Problems"
Treister, Eran
"Joint Full Waveform Inversion and Travel Time Tomography"
10:05am Coffee and Tea Service
Session 8
Topic Architecture/Multilevel Preconditioning, Part 4 Eigenvalues/SVD, Part 2 Coupled/Multi-Phys., Part 1
Chair Kirk Jordan Homer Walker John Shadid
10:25am Sosonkina, Masha
"Multilevel Variable-Block based preconditioning offloaded to Xeon Phi accelerators"
Breuer, Alex
"Heterogeneous resolution of commute time embedding features in Krylov subspaces"
Adler, James
"A Deflation Technique for Detecting Multiple Liquid Crystal Equilibrium States"
10:50am Dai, Ruxin
"A high accuracy high efficiency solution for anisotropic Poisson equation"
Marques, Osni
"Tuning the Coarse Space Construction in a Spectral AMG Solver"
Hu, Kaibo
"Iterative Methods for Nonlinear Discrete MHD Systems"
11:15am Williams, Samuel
"Performance Portability in Hybrid and Heterogeneous Multigrid Solvers"
Musco, Cameron
"Randomized Block Iterative Methods for the Singular Value Decomposition"
Phillips, Edward G.
"Block Solvers for Implicit Electromagnetic and Plasma Simulations"
11:40am Yang, Ulrike
"Preparing hypre for Emerging Architectures"
Wu, Lingfei
"Preconditioned Thick-Restart Lanczos Method with Subspace Optimization for Symmetric Eigenvalue Problems"
Scheufele, Klaudius
"Multi-Secant quasi-Newton Variants for Parallel Fluid-Structure Simulations -- and Other Multi-Physics Applications"
12:05am Bienz, Amanda
"Hiding Communication Costs in Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication and Algebraic Multigrid"
Lund-Nguyen, Kathryn
"The Radau-Lanczos method for matrix functions"
Taitano, William
"iFP: An optimal, fully implicit, fully conservative 1D2V Vlasov-Rosenbluth-Fokker-Planck code for ICF capsule implosion simulations"
12:30-2:00pm Lunch Break
Discussions 2:00-4:00pm
Future of CSE Education - K. Willcox to moderate
2:00-2:25pm Presentation: Bringing CSE thinking to education Willcox
2:30-4:00pm Group discussions
4:00-4:30pm Coffee and Tea Service
Session 9
Topic Architecture/Algorithms, Part 5 Indefinite systems, Part 1 Nonlinear solvers, Part 2
Chair Luke Olson Michele Benzi Tim Kelley
4:30pm Rajamanickam, Siva
"ShyLU : A package for on-node smoothers and hybrid preconditioners in Trilinos"
Luo, Peiyao
"Uzawa smoother in multigrid for coupled porous medium and Stokes flow system"
Toth, Alexander
"Anderson Acceleration for Black-Box Code Coupling in Nuclear Reactor Simulation"
4:55pm Canning, Andrew
"Hybrid OpenMP/MPI Conjugate Gradient Iterative Eigensolver for First-principles Plane Wave Electronic Structure Codes on Many-core Architectures"
Olshanskii, Maxim
"ILU preconditioners for non-symmetric saddle point matrices with application to the incompressible Navier--Stokes equations"
Christensen, Max la Cour
"Nonlinear Multigrid Solver Exploiting AMGe Coarse Spaces with Approximation Properties"
5:20pm Hamilton, Steven
"GPU Implementation of a Monte Carlo Linear Solver Algorithm"
Open Degroote, Joris
"Solving time-dependent multi-physics problems using multiple instances of the same solvers"
5:45pm Ghysels, Pieter
"Evaluation of a preconditioner using low-rank approximation and randomized sampling"
Wathen, Andy
"A preconditioner with guaranteed rapid convergence for nonsymmetric real Toeplitz systems"
6:10pm Franceschini, Andrea
"Multilevel Approaches for FSAI Preconditioning "
Wiesner, Tobias
"Algebraic multigrid for contact problems in saddle point formulation"
Svyatskiy, Daniil
"New preconditioning strategy for Jacobian-Free solvers coupled with advanced discretization methods"


Thursday 24 March

7:30-8:30am Breakfast [Copper Conference Center]
Room Bighorn B Bighorn C/1 Bighorn C/2
Session 10
Topic Multigrid, Part3 Coupled/Multiphysics, Part 2 Applications
Chair Steve McCormick Luis Chacon Carol Woodward
8:00am Open Brazell, Michael J.
"Scalable Non-linear Solution Techniques for Higher-Order Accurate Finite-Element Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes Problems"
Berger-Vergiat, Luc
"Parallel domain decomposition preconditioners for Isogeometric discretizations arising in impact problems at high strain rates"
8:25am Li, Sherry
"Performance Analysis of Coarse Solvers for Algebraic Multigrid on Leading Multicore Architectures"
Wathen, Michael
"An Approximate Inverse-Based Preconditioner for Incompressible Magnetohydrodynamics"
Bui, Quan
"Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioners for Multiphase Flow in Porous Media"
8:50am Reisner, Andrew
"Progress on Improving the Parallel Scalability of BoxMG"
Wang, Lu
"An Algebraic Multigrid Solver for Fully-Implicit Solution Methods in Reservoir Simulation"
Ramirez Zweiger, M.
"Radiation Transport Using Rayleigh Quotient Iteration with Multigrid in Energy Preconditioning "
9:15am Tuminaro, Ray
"A Quasi-Algebraic Multigrid Approach to PDE systems that include Material Interfaces and Variable Degrees-of-Freedom Per Node "
von Winckel, Greg
"Reduced and Full Space Methods in Topology Optimization: Applications in Linear Elasticity and Electrical Conduction"
9:40am Zhang, Hongxuan
"A unified theory for classical and aggregation based AMG "
Open Open
10:05-10:25am Coffee and Tea Service
Session 11
Topic Robust/Scalable, Part 2 Indefinite systems, Part 2 Surrogate/MOR, Part 1
Chair Luis Chacon Michele Benzi Howard Elman
10:25am Ma, Yicong
"Preconditioned GMRES method with applications"
Garcia Ramos, Luis
"The spectrum of deflated matrices and the deflated shifted Laplace preconditioner for the Helmholtz equation"
Gorodetsky, Alex
"Function-train: a continuous analogue to the tensor-train decomposition"
10:50am Newman, Chris
"A Fully Implicit Approach to Phase Field Modeling of Dendritic Solidification"
Vuik, Kees
"Physics-based pre-conditioners for large-scale subsurface flow simulation"
Carlberg, Kevin
"Applying model reduction to Krylov-subspace recycling: the POD-augmented conjugate-gradient method"
11:15am Park, Hyeongkae
"Recent Progress in High-Order, Low-Order Methods for Thermal Radiative Transfer Problems"
Xue, Fei
"A factorized sparse approximate inverse preconditioner for symmetric indefinite linear systems"
Caudillo Mata, Luz Angelica
"A Multiscale Finite Volume Method for Geophysical Electromagnetic Simulations in Time Domain "
11:40am Prokopenko, Andrey
"Speeding up multi-physics simulations through reuse of multigrid components"
Morgenstern, Charles
"Efficient Simulation of High-Frequency Wave Propagation Using Domain Decomposition and High-Order FEM"
Kong, Fande
"A scalable parallel nonlinear solver for numerical simulation of fluid-structure interactions with applications in hemodynamics"
12:05am Shadid, John
"Scalable Solution of Continuum Plasma Physics Models by Approximate Block Factorization Preconditioners"
Joshi, Sumedh
"A deflated Schur complement method for the iterative solution of a high-order discontinuous element discretization of the Poisson equation "
12:30-2:00pm Lunch Break
4:00-4:30pm Coffee and Tea Service
Student Competition 4:30-6:30
Topic Student Paper Winners
Chair Ray Tuminaro
4:30pm Gaaf, Sarah
"The infinite bi-Lanczos method for nonlinear eigenvalue problems"
4:55pm Lee, Kookjin
"A Preconditioned Low-rank Projection Method with a Rank-reduction Scheme for Stochastic Partial Differential Equations"
5:20pm Rudi, Johann
"μ-BFBT Preconditioner for Stokes Flow Problems with Strongly Heterogeneous Viscosity"
5:45pm Spantini, Alessio
"Optimal low-rank approximations of goal-oriented Bayesian linear inverse problems"
6:10pm Break
6:30-7:00pm Cash bar at Copper Conference Center
7:00-9:30pm Banquet at Kokopelli Trail upstairs at Copper Conference Center


Friday 25 March

7:30-8:30am Breakfast [Copper Conference Center]
Room Bighorn B Bighorn C/1 Bighorn C/2
Session 12
Topic Inverse/Regularization, Part 4 Applications Eigenvalues/SVD, Part 3
Chair Misha Kilmer Ray Tuminaro Andreas Stathopoulos
8:00 Open Hartmann, Rainer
"An efficient matrix-vector-multiplication for solving high dimensional Schrödinger problems using prewavelets and sparse grids"
Chen, Jiahao
"A Julia package for practical iterative SVDs"
8:25 Nagy, James
"ADMM for Matrix Equations Arising in Inverse Problems"
Weston, Brian
"Physics-Based Preconditioning for a Newton-Krylov Framework in a High-Order rDG-based Navier-Stokes Solver "
Vecharynski, Eugene
"Symmetric indefinite systems, positive definite preconditioning, and interior eigenvalues"
8:50am Open Muenzenmaier, Steffen
"A Comparison of Finite Element Spaces for H(div)-Conforming First-Order System Least Squares "
Wang, Xin
"Lanczos-filter subspace iteration for self-consistent-field calculation"
9:15am Saibaba, Arvind Krishna
"Fast Iterative Methods for Bayesian Inverse Problems"
Ariyarit, Atthaphon
"Hybrid Surrogate Model based on Multi-fidelity Efficiency Global Optimization Applied to Helicopter Blade Design"
Knyazev, Andrew
"Rayleigh-Ritz majorization error bounds of the mixed type "
9:40am Kanazaki, Masahiro
"Aircraft's Trajectory Optimization During Descent Using Kriging Model Based Genetic Algorithm"
Ganesh, Mahadevan
"An efficient preconditioned iterative algorithm for Helmhotz wave propagation models"
10:05-10:25am Coffee and Tea Service
Session 13
Topic Elasticity Linear Algebra/Preconditioning
Chair John Shadid Ray Tuminaro
10:25am Benzaken, Joseph
"Multigrid Methods for Isogeometric Thin Plate Discretizations"
Wu, Shuonan
"A Robust Iterative Method for a Class of New Mixed Discretization of Linear Elasticity "
10:50am Bertrand, Fleurianne
"Least-Squares mixed finite elements in relation to mixed finite elements for elasticity"
Wang, Yingwei
"Fast Structured Jacobi-Jacobi Transform "
11:15am Liu, Yongxiang
"A Dirichlet-Neumann Method for Plate Problem"
Shin, Yeonjong
"Optimal least squares method for polynomial regression "
11:40am Open Song, Bo
"New Coarse Space Components for Additive Schwarz "
12:05pm Close of 2016 Conference

Thank you for attending.