17th Copper Mountain Conference On

Iterative Methods



Tutorial #1
Title: Iterative methods for sparse linear systems: Theory and practice
Date/Time: March 31, 2022; 10am-1pm MDT (UTC-6: 16:00 - 19:00 UTC)
Organizers: Yousef Saad (U. Minnesota), Ruipeng Li (Lawrence Livermore Lab), Yuanzhe Xi (Emory)
  • Introduction to iterative methods
  • Sparse matrices, basic iterations, Krylov methods
  • Preconditioning techniques
  • Software demos, and practice
Tutorial #2
Title: GraphBLAS for iterative methods involving large-scale data science applications
Date/Time: April 1, 2022; 10am-1pm MDT (UTC-6: 16:00 - 19:00 UTC)
Organizers: Geoff Sanders (Lawrence Livermore National Lab), Scott McMillan (CMU/SE), Tim Mattson (Intel), Roger Pearce (LLNL), Trevor Steil (LLNL), Ancy Tom (U. Minnesota)
  • Introduction to GraphBLAS
  • Graph analysis algorithms
  • Distributed GraphBLAS

Highlighted Conference Topics

Conference Format

The 2022 conference will be a virtual conference, entirely online. The daily schedule will involve five days of parallel sessions, with around four hours of talks. More details can be found below and on the program page.

In addition to and prior to the technical presentation, the following tutorials will be offered this year.

A student paper competition is open to current and recent students attending the conference. In addition, a special section devoted to the themes of the conference is open to all.

Special section devoted to iterative methods

Special Section Editor: Andreas Stathopoulos

As in previous even-numbered years, papers are invited for submission to a special section in the SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing. This single section will be dedicated to recent progress in iterative methods. Submissions are encouraged in all aspects of iterative methods, including this year's highlighted topics. Attendees and participants of the conference as well as the general community are invited to submit papers. The papers should meet the formatting and editorial requirements of SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing.

Submissions for the special issue will be accepted from April 11,2022 until June 27, 2022  June 15, 2022. Papers will be subject to review by a guest Editorial Board. Submissions should be made using the ordinary submission process at http://sisc.siam.org, with a statement in the cover letter requesting that the paper be considered for the special issue. In addition, the "Copper Mountain Special Section 2022" should be selected in the Special Section dropdown.

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