19th Copper Mountain Conference On

Multigrid Methods

Student Paper Competition

Any student or new Ph.D. whose degree was awarded after Jan 1, 2018 is invited to submit a paper to the Student Paper Competition. Submissions should be based on work while done as a full-time student; results after graduation are not eligible. In addition, all papers submitted should represent the work and writing of the student submitting the paper, developed in collaboration with any named advisors/collaborators. Proofreading and editing by senior contributors is allowed, but contributions must be written primarily by the student author. Student papers must be formatted according to the template provided (below), with no changes in margins, font sizes, etc. Contributions may be at most 10 pages long, including all figures and references. Papers submitted that do not follow these requirements will not be considered for the competition.

The template and format for the student paper competition are listed at https://github.com/copper-multigrd-conference/student-paper. The template uses the SIAM article class; specific steps to format the submission can befound in the README.

Lodging and conference expenses may be awarded, subject to funding. Student paper winners will have priority. Students seeking support should email the conference coordinator, Annette Anthony (annetteFanthony@gmail.com) for more information.

How To Participate

Student paper submission involves two steps with different deadlines.

  1. First, you must submit an abstract for the student paper by December 12, 2018. Please login to EasyChair (or create an account if you do not have one), and go to submissions for CM2019:
    Make sure you click on the Student Paper Competition track.
  2. Second, you will submit (in pdf) the paper by January 9, 2019. Please visit again EasyChair, and locate your abstract submission. In the upper right corner select "Add a file". This will lead you to a prompt to upload your paper. The paper must be in pdf form.
    Note: paper submissions will not be allowed without an abstract submission by the first deadline.

Previous Student Paper Competition Winners

Steven Goldenberg
Junyuan Lin
Tengfei Su
Alyson Fox
Alexander Howse
Peiyao Luo
Sarah Gaaf
Kookjin Lee
Johann Rudi
Alessio Spantini
Simon Baumann
Fei Cao
Markus Huber
Jessica Bosch
Sarah Gaaf
Scott Ladenheim
Manda Winlaw
Siegfried Cools
Stephanie Friedhoff
Delyan Kalchev
Jennifer Pestana
Umberto Villa
Minghao Wu
Yao Chen
Lei Tang
Eran Treister
Tyrone Rees
Artem Napov
Donghui Chen
Andrew Gordon
Killian Miller
Eran Treister
Liuqiang Zhong
Andrew Barker
Melina Freitag
Stefan Wild
Fei Xue
Hengguang Li
Christian Mense
Hisham Zubair
Sue Dollar
Elena Virnick
Haim Waisman
Bram Metsch
Haim Waisman
Michael Bronstein
Ruth Holland
Andrei Draganescu
Yair Koren
Gregory Dardyk
Rima Gandlin
Oren Livne
Scott MacLachlan
Luke Olson
Tim Chartier
Michael Hochstenbach
Julian Langou
Chisup Kim
Markus Kowarshick
Malik Silva
Avi Kenigsberg
Judith Vogel
Michael Hochstenbach
Johannas Korsawe
Roman Wienands
Shua-hua Chen
Jonathan Hu
Jonathan Rochez
Mark Adams
Daniel Loghin
Chih Jen Lin
Jules Kowtchou
Boris Diskin
Jubertus Oswald
Marc Kuther
Erick Sterner