Copper Mountain 2015
Program and Schedule
(as of 12 March, 2015)

This program is subject to modifications.   We will try to limit most schedule changes to within the given day.   Participants and speakers should monitor this page and the bulletin board at the conference.
Speakers should plan their talks to be at most 25 minutes, including a 5 minute question and answer period.   Program Chairs will adhere strictly to this schedule.

We will provide computer projectors for all day and evening sessions. Overhead projectors will NOT be provided.

All conference activities will be held in the Copper Conference Center.

Sunday 22 March, 2015

Registration and Reception
Cash Bar and Light Buffet
Copper Conference Center


8:30am-11:30am Multigrid - the Fundamentals, given by Irad Yavneh.
1:30pm- 4:00pm Algebraic Multigrid and Advanced Topics, given by Van Henson
Supplementary material MG Tutorial         Why Multigrid Methods are so Efficient

If you are planning to attend the tutorials, please notify Annette Anthony at - Continental Breakfast will be provided.


Monday 23 March

7:30-9:00am Breakfast Buffet [Copper Conference Center]
Session 1
Topic Advanced Multigrid Techniques
Chair Van Emden Henson
8:25am Liu, Hao
"Local Defect Correction Multigrid Method Coupled with the Zienkiewicz-Zhu a posteriori Error Estimator in Elastostatics Solid Mechanics"
8:50am Rodrigo, Carmen
"On the Design of a Finite Element Multigrid Solver for Mimetic Finite Difference Schemes"
9:15am Yavneh, Irad
"A Multilevel Approach for L-1 Regularized Convex Optimization with Application to Covariance Selection"
9:40am Draganescu, Andrei
"Optimal Order Multigrid Preconditioners for Linear Systems Arising in the Semismooth Newton Method Solution Process of a Class of Control-Constrained Problems"
10:05am Coffee and Tea Service
Session 2
Topic Multigrid Applications I
Chair Irad Yavneh
10:25am MacLachlan, Scott
"Monolithic Multigrid Methods for Coupled Multi-Physics Problems "
10:50am Leibs, Christopher
"Least-Squares Finite Element Method and Nested Iteration for Electromagnetic Two-Fluid Plasma Models"
11:15am Reisner, Andrew
"Multilevel Solvers for High Resolution Electric Field Calculations"
11:40am Densmore, Jeffery
"A Multigrid Method for the Self-Adjoint Angular Flux Form of the Radiation-Transport Equation Based on Cellwise Block Jacobi Iteration"
12:05pm Sturdevant, Benjamin
"Iterative Solution Method for an Implicit Orbit Averaged Particle-in-Cell Model "
12:30pm Lunch Break
3:45pm Coffee and tea service with snacks
Session 3
Topic Parallel Multigrid, GPU
Chair Scott MacLachlan
4:30pm Manea, Abdulrahman
"A Massively Parallel Semicoarsening Multigrid for 3D Reservoir Simulation on Multi-core and Multi-GPU Architectures"
4:55pm Rupp, Karl
"A Performance Comparison of Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioners on GPUs and MIC"
5:20pm Calhoun, Jon
"Understanding the Propagation of Silent Data Corruption in Algebraic Multigrid"
5:45pm Sundar, Hari
"Challenges in Parallelizing Adaptive High-order Geometric Multigrid"
6:10pm Dinner Break


Tuesday 24 March

7:30-9:00am Breakfast Buffet [Copper Conference Center]
Session 4
Topic Multigrid Applications II
Chair Mark Adams
8:25am Hansen, Chris
"Geometric Multigrid for MHD Simulations with Nedelec Finite Elements on Tetrahedral Grids"
8:50am Cowan, Benjamin
"Application of Multigrid Techniques to Magnetic and Electromagnetic Systems"
9:15am Kelly, Keith
"A Scalable Algorithm for Inverse Medium Problems with Multiple Sources"
10:05am Coffee and Tea Service
Session 5
Topic Multigrid Benchmarking and Performance
Chair James Adler
10:25am Adams, Mark
"Performance Evaluation of Multigrid Solvers for Block Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement Discretizations"
10:50am Brown, Jed
"HPGMG: Benchmarking Computers Using Multigrid"
11:15am Gahvari, Hormozd
"Performance Modeling in Algebraic Multigrid: Latest Developments"
11:40am Vi, Frederic
"Parallel Multigrid Preconditioner Based on Automatic 3D Tetradedric Meshes"
12:05pm Potato bar lunch buffet
3:45pm Coffee and tea service with snacks
Session 6
Topic Applications
Chair Ulrike Yang
4:30pm Alyoubi, Ahmad
"Efficient Time Parallel Simulation of a Class of Single-Phase Sub-Diffusion Models"
4:55pm John, Lorenz
"Robust Parallel Hierarchical Hybrid Multigrid Methods for the Stokes Equations."
5:20pm Morgenstern, Charles
"An Efficient Iterative Method for Acoustic Wave Propagation"
5:45pm Dinner Break


Wednesday 25 March

7:30-9:00am Breakfast Buffet [Copper Conference Center]
Session 7
Topic AMG and Mesh Manipulation
Chair Hans DeSterck
8:25am Fox, Alyson
"Support Graph Smoothing Techniques"
8:50am Sanders, Geoffrey
"Hub Snub: Removing Vertices with High Degree from Coarse-grid Correction"
9:15am Tuminaro, Ray
"A Hybrid Operator Dependent MG / AMG Approach: Application to Ice Sheet Modeling"
9:40am Wan, Justin
"Numerical Method for Dynamic Bertrand Obigopoly Using Multigrid"
10:05am Coffee and Tea Service
Session 8
Topic Unconventional Multigrid
Chair Stephanie Friedhoff
10:25am Treister, Eran
"A Fast Multigrid Approach for Solving the Helmholtz Equation with a Point Source"
10:50am Bergen, Ben
"Task-Graph and Functional Programming Models: The New Paradigm"
11:15am De Sterck, Hans
"Fast Multilevel Co-Clustering: Unraveling the Multilevel Overlapping Cluster Structure of Social Network Data"
11:40am Gutierrez, Samuel
"Data-Centric Models for Multilevel Algorithms"
12:05pm Lunch Break
3:45pm Coffee and tea service with snacks
Session 9
Topic Student Paper Competition
Chair Van Emden Henson
4:30pm Baumann, Simon
"Aspects of Multigrid for Mantle Convection"
4:55pm Cao, Fei
"Compatible Relaxation Based Geometric-Algebraic Multigrid"
5:20pm Huber, Markus
"Resilience for Exascale Enabled Multigrid Methods"
5:45pm Break
6:15-7:00pm Cash bar and Dinner Banquet at Copper Conference Center


Thursday 26 March

7:30-9:00am Breakfast Buffet [Copper Conference Center]
Session 10
Topic Low Communication and Time Parallel
Chair TBA
8:00am Manteuffel, Tom
"Range Decomposition: A Low Communication Algorithm for Solving PDEs on Massively Parallel Machines"
8:25am Ballard, Grey
"Reducing Communication Costs for Sparse Matrix Multiplication within Algebraic Multigrid"
8:50am Bienz, Amanda
"Reducing Communication Costs in Parallel Algebraic Multigrid"
9:15am O'Neill, Ben
"Parallel-in-time Multigrid for Nonlinear Problems "
9:40am Friedhoff, Stephanie
"Multigrid Approaches for Parallel-in-Time Integration "
10:05am Coffee and Tea Service
Session 11
Topic Flow Problems
Chair Geoffrey Sanders
10:25am Allen, Jeffery
"New FOSLS Formulation of Nonlinear Stokes Flow for Glaciers"
10:50am Benson, Thomas
"Preconditioning the BDM1 - P0 Discretization of the Stokes Equations"
11:15am Weston, Brian
"On the Preconditioning of a High-Order RDG-based All-Speed Navier-Stokes Solver"
11:40am Ruge, John
"Hybrid FOSLS/LL* for Navier-Stokes Equations"
12:05pm Lunch Break
3:45pm Coffee and tea service with snacks
Session 12
Topic Interpolation and Smoothing
Chair TBA
4:30 Molloy, Erin
"Is the Ideal Approximation Operator Always "Ideal" for a Particular C/F Splitting?"
4:55pm Eller, Paul
"Non-Blocking Conjugate Gradient Methods for Extreme Scale Computing"
5:20pm Almutairi, Saad
"An Enhanced Class Diagram to Model Security Requirement for Context Aware System"
5:45pm Vassilevski, Panayot
"Space-time constrained FOSLS with AMGe upscaling "
6:10pm Dinner Break


Friday 27 March

7:30-9:00am Breakfast Buffet [Copper Conference Center]
Session 13
Topic Stochastic and High Dimensional Problems
Chair James Brannick
8:00am Pflaum, Christoph
"Discretization of Elliptic Differential Equations Using Sparse Grids and Prewavelets"
8:25am Fairbanks, Hillary
"High Dimensional Uncertainty Quantification via Multilevel Monte Carlo"
8:50am Ketelsen, Christian
"Multilevel Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Uncertainty Quantification in Subsurface Flow"
9:15am Moulton, David
"Multiphysics Frameworks and Scalable Solvers for Environmental Applications "
10:05pm Coffee and Tea Service
Session 14
Topic Special Techniques & Coarse Approximation
Chair David Moulton
10:25am Brannick, James
"An adaptive multilevel method for solving elliptic eigenvalue problems"
10:50am Yang, Kai
"Stable Discretizations and Robust Block Preconditioners for Fluid-Structure Interaction Systems "
11:15am Caudillo Mata, Luz Angelica
"Multiscale Finite Volume with Oversampling Method to simulate Low-frequency Electromagnetic Geophysical Responses "
11:40am Open
12:05pm Close of Conference

Thank you for attending.