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Ninth Copper Mountain Conference
Multigrid Methods
APRIL 11-16, 1999

This program is preliminary and subject to modifications.
Times given here are only estimates, and are likely to change.
We will try to limit most schedule changes to within the given day.
Participants and speakers should monitor this page and the bulletin board at the conference.
Speakers should plan their talks to be at most 20 minutes.
Program Chairs will adhere strictly to this schedule.
We will have a slide projector and an overhead projector for speaker use. We will also provide an In Focus Systems Lite Pro 620 multimedia projector, which plugs into standard video outlets on a Mac or PC to project its image onto the screen. This equipment will also be available for the special evening sessions.
Wednesday night's cash bar & banquet is in Victoria B in the Pavillon.
All other activities will be held in the Village Square conference facilities.

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Sunday, April 11

TUTORIALTutorial series on basic methods, algebraic multigrid, and parallel techniques.
9:00am-noon William L. Briggs A Multigrid Tutorial
1:30pm-3:30pm Van Emden Henson An Algebraic Multigrid Tutorial
4:00pm-5:00pm Jim E. Jones A Parallel Multigrid Tutorial
RECEPTIONCash bar and light buffet.
7:00pm-9:00pm Village Square conference facilities.

Monday, April 12

Algebraic Methods
Chair: Van Emden Henson
8:00am Achi Brandt MG Re-Examined
8:25am Mark Adams Heuristics for the Automatic Construction of Coarse Grids in Multigrid Solvers for Finite Element Problems in Solid Mechanics
8:50am Michael Bader An Algebraic Multigrid Method with Fixed Coarse Grid Selection for Convection Diffusion Equations
9:15am Tim Chartier Algebraic Multigrid Based on Element Interpolation (AMGe): Coarsening and the AMGe Measure
9:40am Mike DeLong Recent Results with Algebraic Multilevel Methods for ASCI Problems
Algebraic Methods
Chair: Van Emden Henson
10:35am Joel Dendy Some Aspects of Multigrid for Mixed Discretizations
11:00am Michael Griebel Algebraic Multi-Grid for Coupled Systems of PDEs
11:25am Jim E. Jones Algebraic Multigrid Methods Based on Element Agglomeration
11:50am Domenico Lahaye On the Use of Algebraic Multigrid in an Electromagnetic Systems Simulation Package
12:15pm Jens-Dominik Müller Coarsening 3-D Hybrid Meshes for Multigrid Methods
Chair: Duane Melson
4:30pm Scott R. Fulton Performance of a Self-Adaptive Multigrid Algorithm
4:55pm Klaus Johannsen Robust Multigrid Methods for Convection Diffusion Problems with Closed Characteristics
5:20pm David Kay A Multigrid Preconditioner for the Steady State Navier-Stokes Equations
5:45pm Boris Lastdrager The Sparse-Grid Combination Technique for a Time-Dependent Advection Problem
6:10pm Marius Paraschivoiu Multi-Level Full Potential and Euler Formulation for Transonic Flows
CIRCUSChair: Craig Douglas
7:30pm Everyone is welcome to talk and/or listen. The program will be determined at the start by polling the participants. Contact Craig for suggestions and information, or just show up and be ready to talk, interact, or just listen.

Tuesday, April 13

Algebraic Methods
Chair: Van Emden Henson
8:00am Yousef Saad ARMS : an Algebraic Recursive Multilevel Solver for General Sparse Linear Systems
8:25am Serguei Sokol Applying Multi-Coarse Correction with Suboptimal Operators to CFD Problems
8:50am Ray Tuminaro ML: A Multilevel Framework for Parallel Unstructured Grid Computations
9:15am Jun Zhang A Multilevel Block ILU Preconditioning Technique for Solving General Sparse Linear Systems
Algebraic Methods
Chair: Van Emden Henson
10:10am John W. Ruge Algebraic Multigrid Applied to Multi-Body Elasticity Problems with Interface Constraints
10:35am Petr Vanek Smoothed Aggregation Multilevel Methods and Their Convergence Analysis
11:00am Jan Mandel Fast Computation of Energy Minimal Coarse Basis Functions by Smoothing and Projection
11:25am Marian Brezina Smoothed Aggregation-Based Black-Box Iterative Solver
11:50am Hervé Guillard A Petrov Galerkin Smoothed Aggregation Method
12:15pm Rudolph Lorentz Total Reduction Revisited
Chair: Irad Yavneh
4:30pm Michael Pernice Hybrid Solvers for the Steady State Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations
4:55pm William J. Rider A Serendipitous Recovery of Linear Scaling
5:20pm Jonathan Rochez A Multigrid Strategy for Accelerating Steady-State Computations of Waves Propagating with Curvature Dependent Speeds
5:45pm Carol S. Woodward Comparison of Parallel Newton-Krylov-Multigrid Solvers for Variably Saturated Flow Problems
6:10pm Shu-hua Chen The Application of the Multigrid Method in a Nonhydrostatic Atmospheric Model
Moderator: Van Emden Henson
7:30pm Open discussion on algebraic methods. Everyone is welcome to talk and/or listen.

Wednesday, April 14

Parallel Algebraic Methods
Chair: Jim E. Jones
8:00am Ulrike Meier Yang Coarse-Grid Selection for Parallel Algebraic Multigrid
8:25am Arnold Krechel Parallel Algebraic Multigrid
8:50am Marc Alexander Schweitzer Three Parallelization Strategies for AMG
9:15am Dimitri J. Mavriplis A Highly Scalable Unstructured Agglomeration Multigrid Algorithm for Viscous Turbulent Flows
Parallel Techniques
Chair: Jim E. Jones
10:10am Colin J. Aro Implicit Mechanical Modeling in ALE3D
10:35am Craig C. Douglas Accelerating ADI Methods on Parallel Processors including Multigrid with ADI as the Smoother
11:00am Paul O. Frederickson Recent Results on PUMG
11:25am Ignacio M. Llorente Smoothing Properties for Plane Smoothers for Multiblock Grids
11:50amWilliam F. Mitchell Approaches to Parallel Multigrid with the Full Domain Partition
PDE Reformulations
Chair: Kirk Jordan
4:30pm Travis Austin Multigrid Ideas in FOSLS Neutron Transport Theory
4:55pm Markus Berndt Multigrid for FOSLS on the Discontinuous Coefficient Problem with Singular Basis Functions
5:20pm Zhiqiang Cai Least Squares for the Perturbed Stokes Equations and the Reissner-Mindlin Plate
5:45pm Andrea Codd Steady-State Elasticity-Fluid Coupled Systems
6:10pm Johannes Korsawe FAS Multilevel Methods for Nonlinear Least-Squares Finite Element Computations
6:35pm Irad Yavneh Towards Automatic Differential Preconditioning and Variable Transformations for PDE Systems
BANQUETCash bar and banquet.
7:30pm Victoria B room in the Pavillion.

Thursday, April 15

Parallel Techniques
Chair: Jim E. Jones
8:00am David Moulton MPI-Based Black Box Multigrid for Workstation Clusters
8:25am I. D. Parsons Scalable Multigrid Methods Using Fortran 90 and MPI
8:50am Markus Kowarschik How Much Can Be Gained by Cache Aware Programming of Multigrid Methods
9:15am Jonathan Hu Cache Based Multigrid on Unstructured Grids
Parallel Techniques
Chair: Jim E. Jones
10:10am Dana Knoll A Parallel, Two-Level, Preconditioner for Unstructured Grid Elliptic Problems
10:35am Stefan Vandewalle A Multigrid Method for Partial Differential Equations with Time-Delay
11:00am Gerhard Zumbusch Parallelization of an Adaptive Multilevel Code Using Keys and a Space-Filling Curve
11:25am Guo Qingping Virtual Boundary Condition Forecast Algorithm in Multigrid Domain Decomposition Parallel Computing
11:50am Wing Lok Wan Parallel Sparse Approximate Inverse Smoothers
Inverse Problems
Chair: Eldad Haber
4:30pm Eldad Haber Inversion of 3D DC Resistivity Using Approximate Krylov-Gauss-Newton Method
4:55pm Uri M. Ascher A Multilevel Approach to Distributed Parameter Estimation
5:20pm Yaoguo Li Rapid Construction of an Equivalent Source Using Wavelet Transforms and Incomplete Conjugate Gradients
5:45pm Gregory Newman Computational Techniques for Accelerating Solutions of 3D Geophysical Inverse Problems
Special Methods
Chair: Eldad Haber
6:10pm Zhangxin Chen Convergence Analysis of Multigrid Methods for the Wilson Nonconforming Finite Element
6:35pm Linda Stals Performance of Multilevel Methods on Equations with Large Jumps in Coefficients

Friday, April 16

Parallel and Algebraic Methods
Chair: Jim E. Jones
8:00am Michael Kuhn A Unifying Software Concept for Several Parallelization Techniques
8:25am Gundolf Haase Parallel AMG for Non-overlapping Domain Decomposition
8:50am Stefan Reitzinger Algebraic Multigrid Methods Based on Element Stiffness Matrices
9:15am Ping Wang Parallel Computation of 3D, Time-dependent, Thermal Convective Flows
Decomposition Methods
Chair: Panayot Vassilevski
10:10am Susanne C. Brenner Lower Bounds for Nonoverlapping Domain Decomposition Methods
10:35am Serge Goossens Two-level Algorithms for Overlapping Composite Mesh Difference Methods
11:00am Thomas Huckle Multigrid Preconditioning and Toeplitz Matrices
11:25am David E. Keyes Newton-Krylov Methods with Multilevel Preconditioning: Algorithm-Architecture Trade-offs in the Number of Levels
11:50am Maria Sosonkina Distributed Multilevel Schur Complement Preconditioning of General Sparse Linear Systems
12:15pm Wienands Fourier Analysis of GMRES($m$) Preconditioned by Multigrid

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