Steve McCormick

Steve McCormick

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Professor Emeritus
Applied Math Department (APPM)
University of Colorado at Boulder


Front Range Scientific Computations (FRSC)
P. O. Box 503
Lake City,   CO   81235

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Gertrude Saddle above the Milford Sound

Track Maps of New Zealand's Great Waitakere Range

Thanks to Lynda for these great photos & video:

       Our 2004 New Zealand trip
       Our 2008 New Zealand Fiordland trip
             Auckland's west coast beaches
       Muriwai (Video 278 mb!)
             Beach town & gannet colony NW of Auckland
       Our 2008 Utah slot-canyon trip
             Escalante & Grand Staircase Nat'l Monument
       Our 2009 Bora Bora trip
             Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort and environs
       Sharp-shinned hawk, Boulder, January, 2009
             It nabbed a small bird from our feeder
       Red fox, Boulder, April, 2010 (Video)
             It stole some bird seed
       Red fox, Boulder, April, 2011
             It returned for some sun

Images of the San Juan Solstice 50 (SJS50)
       50-mile benefit trail run for the Lake City EMTs:

       Blake Wood pics along the course
       Nancy Shidler pics of SJS50 trail work
       Scouting the SJS50 course in 2008:
             June 11 above Carson townsite
             June 12 reverse on course from yurt
             June 14 forward on course from Carson
       VIDEO: moose & marking near the Divide, 2010
       VIDEO: view of the course from Mesa Seco

Videos of wildlife in Hinsdale County, Colorado:

       Elk, Deer, Ptarmigan, & Moose, Summer, 2010

Video of Lynda dancing the hula:

       Lake City, Colorado, June 28, 2010