Support is available for student registration. The amount and how it is allocated is yet to be determined. Students seeking support should email the conference coordinator,
Annette Anthony for more information.


Travel and lodging assistance will be awarded, subject to NSF funding, to student and new Ph.D. authors judged to have the best research papers. Any student or new Ph.D. whose degree was awarded after Jan 1, 2012 is eligible to submit a paper. Papers containing original research due mainly to the student must be received before January 1, 2013. The student must be the primary author and the paper may be no more than 10 pages in length. Sending only an abstract is unacceptable. A panel of judges will determine the best papers. Authors of the best papers will be given a travel stipend, free lodging, and registration, and each will be expected to present their paper in one of the regular conference sessions.

We will also provide some support, subject to funding by NSF, for up to five more students who submit acceptable papers. Student papers should be submitted as either PDF (preferred) or PostScript files by email to Along with sending the paper, the students need to also submit the corresponding abstract.

Postdocs are not considered "students" for this competition, nor are they eligible for student registration fees.

Past Student Winners

2014 2013 2012
Jennifer Pestana
Umberto Villa
Minghao Wu
2011 2010 2009
Yao Chen
Lei Tang
Eran Treister
Tyrone Rees
Artem Napov
Donghui Chen
Andrew Gordon
Killian Miller
Eran Treister
Liuqiang Zhong
2008 2007 2006
Andrew Barker
Melina Freitag
Stefan Wild
Fei Xue
Hengguang Li
Christian Mense
Hisham Zubair
Sue Dollar
Elena Virnick
Haim Waisman
2005 2004 2003
Bram Metsch
Haim Waisman
Michael Bronstein
Ruth Holland
Andrei Draganescu
Yair Koren
Gregory Dardyk
Rima Gandlin
Oren Livne
Scott MacLachlan
Luke Olson
2002 2001 2000
Tim Chartier
Michael Hochstenbach
Julian Langou
Chisup Kim
Markus Kowarshick
Malik Silva
Avi Kenigsberg
Judith Vogel
Michael Hochstenbach
Johannas Korsawe
1999 1998 1997
Roman Wienands
Shua-hua Chen
Jonathan Hu
Jonathan Rochez
Mark Adams
Daniel Loghin
Chih Jen Lin
Jules Kowtchou
Boris Diskin
Jubertus Oswald
Marc Kuther
Erick Sterner