Copper Mountain 2011
Program and Schedule
(as of 26 March, 2011)

This program is subject to modifications.   We will try to limit most schedule changes to within the given day.   Participants and speakers should monitor this page and the bulletin board at the conference.
Speakers should plan their talks to be at most 25 minutes, including a 5 minute question and answer period.   Program Chairs will adhere strictly to this schedule.

We will provide computer projectors for all day and evening sessions. Overhead projectors will NOT be provided.

All conference activities will be held in the Copper Conference Center.

The italicized entries in the program correspond to the papers participating in the student paper competition.

Sunday 27 March, 2011

Coffee and Tea Service
Continental Breakfast
Please let Annette know if you will be attending (

Check-in and registration
Copper Conference Center

Cash Bar and Appetizer Buffet at Copper Conference Center.

Sunday Multigrid Tutorials at Hasty's room (downstairs at the Copper Center)
8:30am-11:30am Multigrid - the Fundamentals, given by Irad Yavneh.
1:30pm- 4:00pm Algebraic Multigrid and Advanced Topics, given by Van Henson


Monday 28 March

7:30-9:00am Breakfast Buffet [Copper Conference Center]
Session 1
Topic AMG and SA
Chair Ulrich Ruede
8:00am Blatt, Markus : "Scaling Algebraic Multigrid to over 287K processors"
8:25am Gahvari, Hormozd : "Addressing Challenges to Scalability in Parallel Algebraic Multigrid"
8:50am Park, Minho : "Relaxation-corrected Bootstrap Algebraic Multigrid (rBAMG)"
9:15am Schroder, Jacob : "Smoothed Aggregation Solvers for Anisotropic Diffusion"
9:40am Gerstenberger, Axel : "Algebraic Multi-Grid techniques for the eXtended Finite Element Method"
10:05am Coffee and Tea Service
Session 2
Topic AMG and SA
Chair Irad Yavneh
10:25am Napov, Artem : "An algebraic multigrid method with guaranteed convergence rate I: The symmetric case"
10:50am Notay, Yvan : "An algebraic multigrid method with guaranteed convergence rate II: The nonsymmetric case"
11:15am Gossler, Florian : "Inheritance of spectral equivalence in algebraic multilevel methods"
11:40am Naegel, Arne : "A Filtering AMG Solver for Systems of PDEs"
12:05pm Lunch Break
3:45pm Coffee and Tea Service
Session 3
Topic Focus on Structure
Chair Matthias Bolten
4:30pm Koestler, Harald : "A robust geometric multigrid solver within the WaLBerla framework"
4:55pm Rodrigo, Carmen : "Multicolor Fourier analysis of the multigrid method for quadratic FEM discretizations"
5:20pm Douglas, Craig : "Isogeometric Multigrid"
5:45pm Moulton, David : "Robust and Adaptive Multigrid Methods: comparing structured and algebraic approaches"
6:10pm Dinner Break


Tuesday 29 March

7:30-9:00am Breakfast Buffet [Copper Conference Center]
Session 4
Topic Computational Physics
Chair David Moulton
8:00am Cui, Jintao : "Multigrid Methods for Two-Dimensional Maxwell's Equations on Graded Meshes"
8:25am Schloemer, Nico : "Preconditioning the Jacobian system of the extreme type-II Ginzburg-Landau problem"
8:50am Howle, Victoria : "Block-structured preconditioners for finite element discretization of coupled fluid problems"
9:15am MacLachlan, Scott : "Robust Solution of Singularly Perturbed Systems of Reaction-Diffusion Equations"
9:40am Hiriyur, Badri : "A quasi-algebraic multigrid approach based on Schur complements for linear systems associated with XFEM"
10:05am Coffee and Tea Service
Session 5
Topic Boundaries and Interfaces
Chair Jonathan Hu
10:25am Ritter, Daniel : "Experimental analysis of an FAC-based coarsening scheme for open boundary problems"
10:50am Coco, Armando : "Multigrid technique for non-eliminated boundary conditions in arbitrary domain"
11:15am Abbeloos, Dirk : "Nested multigrid methods for time-periodic, parabolic optimal control problems"
11:40am Lunch Break
3:45pm Coffee and Tea Service
Session 6
Topic Nonsymmetric & Nonelliptic
Chair Scott MacLachlan
4:30pm Wiesner, Tobias : "An improved AMG transfer operator for nonsymmetric positive-definite systems"
4:55pm Bendig, Marion : "Factor-Three-Coarsening Nonsymmetric Black Box Multigrid"
5:20pm Kawatsu, Chris : "Convergence of a Sixth Order Compact Difference Scheme for the Convection Diffusion Equation Using Multiscale Multigrid Method"
5:45pm Yu, Guozhu : "Two-level method for anisotropic diffusion equations on non-aligned grids"
6:10pm Dinner Break


Wednesday 30 March

7:30-9:00am Breakfast Buffet [Copper Conference Center]
Session 7
Topic Helmholtz & Nonlinear
Chair Rob Falgout
8:00am Vanroose, Wim : "A polynomial multigrid smoother for the iterative solution of the heterogeneous Helmholtz problem"
8:25am Sheikh, Abdul Hanan : "A scalable Helmholtz solver combining the deflation with shifted Laplace preconditioner"
8:50am Livshits, Ira : "Application of multigrid to indefinite Helmholtz equation"
9:15am Idema, Reijer : "Convergence of inexact Newton methods in the number of linear iterations"
9:40am Wan, Justin : "Multigrid Methods for Solving Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman and Isaacs Equations Arising from Nonlinear Option Pricing Problems"
10:05am Coffee and Tea Service
Session 8
Topic High-Order & Open-Ended
Chair Vicki Howle
10:25am Lai, James : "High-order interpolatory bases for compatible finite elements and efficient solvers"
10:50am Jhurani, Chetan : "Fast Construction of Sparse Preconditioners for High-Order Finite Element Problems"
11:15am Dai, Ruxin : "Comparison of Two Higher Order Compact Computation Strategies for Handling Boundary Layers"
11:40am Bolten, Matthias : "Parallelization of a multigrid method for PDEs with open boundary conditions"
12:05pm Lunch Break
3:45pm Coffee and Tea Service
Session 9
Topic Student Paper Winners
Chair Van Emden Henson
4:30pm Chen, Yao : "An Algebraic Multilevel Method for Anisotropic Elliptic Equations Based on Subgraph Matching"
4:55pm Tang, Lei : "Parallel Adaptive Mesh Refinement for FOSLS-AMG"
5:20pm Treister, Eran : "A multilevel approach for L1 penalized least-squares minimization"
5:45pm Break
6:15-7:00pm Cash bar and Dinner Banquet


Thursday 31 March

7:30-9:00am Breakfast Buffet [Copper Conference Center]
Session 10
Topic GPU
Chair Jim Jones
8:00am Cohen, Jonathan : "Domain decomposition and multilevel methods on GPUs"
8:25am Olson, Luke : "Algebraic Multigrid on the GPU: Exposing Fine-Grained Parallelism"
8:50am Strzodka, Robert : "Parallel Preconditioners for GPU-Multigrid Solvers"
9:15am Leibs, Chris and Jones, Toby : "Basic Multigrid GPU Experience"
9:40am Stürmer, Markus : "How to optimize geometric multigrid methods on GPUs"
10:05am Coffee and Tea Service
Session 11
Topic Software, Hardware & GPU
Chair Luke Olson
10:25am Liebmann, Manfred : "Algebraic Multigrid Methods on GPU-Accelerated Hybrid Architectures"
10:50am Rüde, Ulrich : "Experiences with Multigrid on 300 000 Processor Cores"
11:15am Gaidamour, Jeremie : "MueLu: Designing an extensible framework for multigrid algorithm research"
11:40am Jordan, Kirk : "A Glimpse at IBM's Blue Gene/Q System and Implications for Applications and Solvers such as Multigrid"
12:05pm Lunch Break
3:45pm Coffee and Tea Service
Session 12
Topic Applications
Chair Ira Livshits
4:30 Garcia, Jose : "Geometric Multigrid for the Barotropic Momentum Equation in the Parallel Ocean Program"
4:55pm Fan, Wang : "Fast Minimization methods for Multiplicative Noise Removal"
5:20pm Hammond, Jason F. : "Modeling and Simulating Biofilms in Fluid Flow"
5:45pm Detournay, Sylvie : "Multigrid methods for zero-sum two player stochastic games with mean reward"
6:10pm Dinner Break
7:30pm Special Workshop : "PyAMG Tutorial organized by Luke Olson and Jacob Schroder"


Friday 1 April

7:30-9:00am Breakfast Buffet [Copper Conference Center]
Session 13
Topic Special Techniques & Coarse Approximation
Chair Geoff Sanders
8:00am Dendy, Joel : "Using Refined Operators to Define A Cell-Structure-Preserving Multigrid Method for the Diffusion Equation"
8:25am Hu, Jonathan : "Coarse Grid Representations of the Near Nullspace in an Energy Minimizing Multigrid"
8:50am Jones, Jim : "Semicoarsening Multigrid with Prerelaxed Target Vectors"
9:15am Gu, Shiyuan : "Multigrid Methods for a Biharmonic Problem"
9:40am Weinzierl, Tobias : "Space-time Parallelisation of a Multiscale Solver for the Heat Equation"
10:05pm Coffee and Tea Service
Session 14
Topic Special Techniques & Coarse Approximation
Chair Van Emden Henson
10:25am Knyazev, Andrew : "Multigrid absolute value preconditioning"
10:50am Sanders, Geoffrey : "Locally Supported Eigenvectors of Graph-Laplacian Matrices"
11:15am Lashuk, Ilya : "Element Agglomeration Coarse Raviart-Thomas Spaces With Approximation Properties"
11:40pm Close of Conference

Special Post-Conference Colloquium Announcement: Jonathan Cohen from Nvidia is giving the Applied Math Colloquium talk at 3 pm on Friday April 1, 2011, at the CU Boulder.