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In order to guarantee a spot in the program, each speaker will be asked to submit an abstract by February 1, 2001. Abstracts will only be accepted from the intended speaker. In the list of papers that we will eventually post, we will include the name of the person who submitted the abstract as the speaker along with a link to the email address used in the submission. Authours must submit html versions of their abstracts, so symbols should not be used, or at least they should be kept to a minimum. Click here to display the html form for submitting your abstract. Also, anyone who wants to expand on their abstract is encouraged to submit a ps file to the MGNet Virtual Proceedings described below. Abstracts are limited to two pages! Please heed this limitation because longer abstracts will be truncated in the Handbook of Abstracts described below.}


Please read this carefully:

Potential contributors should submit an abstract of up to two pages to us by email:
Click here to display the html form for submitting your abstract.
*Then please download or copy it, fill in the information, and email it to us at .

We encourage individuals to organize sessions on specific themes. If you are the organizer of a special session, please let us know by email at , and include the title or theme of the special session and the list of expected speakers. If your submission is part of a special session, please include the title/theme and organizer of the session in the email message you send us (not the abstract itself).

Do not send a ps, TeX, or LaTeX file. It will be returned if you do. Your abstract submission must be in html format, but you are also welcome to submit a ps file of an extended abstract or paper to the Virtual Proceedings described below. You are encouraged to provide a link to your ps file in the abstract. Please be sure that you use the correct html syntax for this.

Deadline for submission of abstracts is February 1, 2001.

Student papers are due December 15, 2000. They should be submitted in ps format, but students whose papers are accepted will be asked to submit abstracts in html format in due time.


We will provide a bound collection of abstracts to the participants at the conference. It will include the two-page abstracts together with a schedule and important notices. This should make it easier to select which lectures and special sessions to attend.


See the MGNet Virtual Proceedings. Also available are the 1993, 1995, 1996 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000. virtual proceedings. Please note that there will be no multiple volume set of papers to take home from Copper Mountain, so you are advised to access these proceedings before you attend.

For submission of a paper to the MGNet Virtual Proceedings: Instead of having to cram your paper into a few pages, you have as many pages as you wish, preferably in an easy to read font. Please submit a PostScript file using the directions for a MGNet preprint submission. Then send e-mail with a message that you submitted a pre-proceedings paper.

The conference and it's participants are indebted to Craig Douglas of the University of Kentucky for his service in support of the Virtual Proceedings and MGNet.