Copper Mountain 2000 Program


This program is preliminary and subject to modifications.
Times given here are only estimates, and are likely to change.
We will try to limit most schedule changes to within the given day.
Participants and speakers should monitor this page and the bulletin board at the conference.
Speakers should plan their talks to be at most 20 minutes,
with a 5 minute question and answer period.
Program Chairs will adhere strictly to this schedule.
We will provide overhead projectors for all day and evening sessions.
Speakers who need a computer projector should contact us immediately by email.
Thursday night's cash bar & banquet is in Victoria B in the Pavillon.
All other activities will be held in the Village Square conference facilities.

Sunday, April 2

7:00-9:00 PM Reception

Monday, April 3

Room A B
Session I
Topic Preconditioning Sensitivity Analysis
Chair Paul Saylor Homer Walker
8:00 M. Benzi M. Tocci
8:25 E. ChowP. Barton
8:50am G. Meurant L. Machiels
9:15amV. EijkhoutL. Petzold
9:40am Coffee Break
Session II
Topic Preconditioning Optimization
Chair Paul Saylor Homer Walker
10:10am M. ShashkovB. Morini
10:35amM. SosonkinaV. Tolstykh
11:00amP.SundqvistE.W. Sachs
11:25amD. Swesty J. More
11:50amA. PothenG. Starke
Session III
Topic Applications Discretization Schemes
Chair Seymour Parter Rich Lehoucq
4:30pmD. Lahaye V. Druskin
4:55pm D. Aruliah J. Fuhrmann
5:20pm H. De Gersem R. Lehoucq
5:45pm J. Zhang H. Branden
Workshop I 7:30 - 9:00
Topic Component Frameworks and Solver Interoperability: Two years later
Organizer: R. Clay

Tuesday, April 4

Room A B
Session I
Topic FOSLS Applications
Chair Tom Manteuffel Colin Aro
8:00 A. Codd P. Arbenz
8:25 H. MacMillanC. Guo
8:50am S. McCormick G. Horton
9:15am J. Ruge L. Knizhnerman
9:40am Coffee Break
Session II
Topic Multigrid Preconditioning
Chair Van Henson Seymour Parter
10:10am T. Austin S. Sundberg
10:35am M. Berndt L. Hemmingsson-Franden
11:00am R. Falgout S. Kim
11:25amU. Ruede S. Parter
11:50amD. Quinlan M. Trummer
Session III
Topic Algebraic Multigrid Discretization Schemes
Chair Panayot Vassilevski Pavel Bochev
4:30pm T. Chartier A. Ramage
4:55pm V. Henson D. Yang
5:20pm M. Adams A. Grama
5:45pm J. Cullum A.C.Ho
6:10pm Dinner
Workshop II 7:30 - 9:00
Topic Multi-level preconditioning techniques
Organizers: Wei-Pai Tang

Wednesday, April 5

Room A B
Session I
Topic Krylov Subspace Methods Multigrid Methods
Chair Roland Freund Rob Falgout
8:00 M. Heroux C. Douglas
8:25 O. Ernst R. Wienands
8:50amR. Freund B. Diskin
9:15am R. Larsen Z. Cai
9:40am Coffee Break
Session II
Topic Krylov Subspace Methods Preconditioners for Stokes Equations
Chair Roland Freund Howard Elman
10:10am A. Wathen
10:35amO.Nevalinna D. Loghin
11:00am I. Notay H. Elman
11:25am K. Vuik C. Keller
11:50amV. BaryamureebaV. Sarin
Session III
Topic Geosciences Algebraic Multigrid
Chair Jim Jones Dan Quinlan
4:30pm C. Dawson M. Brezina
4:55pm J. Jones P. Vassilevski
5:20pmC.T. Kelley U. Yang
5:45pm C. Kees M Verbeek
6:10pm Dinner
Workshop III 7:30 - 9:00
Topic Optimization
Organizers: Tim Kelley and Homer Walker

Thursday, April 6

Room A B
Session I
Topic Eigenvalue Solvers Geosciences
Chair Nick Trefethen Tim Kelley
8:00 N. Trefethen L. Jenkins
8:25 T. Wright J. Pasciak
8:50am E. Gallopoulos J. Wilson
9:15amK. Neymeyr M. Wheeler
9:40am Coffee Break
Session II
Topic Eigenvalue Solvers Nonlinear Equations
Chair Henk van der Vorst Carol Woodward
10:10am R. Morgan D. Knoll
10:35am J. Brandts V. Mousseau
11:00am H. van der Vorst M. Pernice
11:25am Y. Saad T. Tefy
11:50amA. Stathopoulus C. Woodward
12:15pmM. Putti V. Pan
12:40pm Lunch
Session III
Topic Student Papers Inverse Problems
Chair Tom Manteuffel and Steve McCormick Eldad Haber
4:30pm J. Vogel E. Haber
4:55pm Hochstenbach M. Heinkenschloss
5:20pm J. Korsawe R. Renaut
5:45pm Break

Banquet 6:30 to 9:30 pm

Friday, April 7

Room A B
Session I
Topic Domain Decomposition Applications
Chair Olof Widlund Edmond Chow
8:00 S. Goossens C. Aro
8:25 L. Little C. Yang
8:50am D. Szyld M. Dorobantu
9:15am A. Toselli S. Holmgren
9:40am Coffee Break
Session II
Topic Eigenvalue Solvers Parallel Algorithms
Chair Henk van der Vorst Kirk Jordan
10:10am E. de Sturler A. Baker
10:35am M. Embree S. Salvini
11:00am Z. Drmac H. Tufo
11:25am M. Huhtanen E. Larsson
11:50am A. Knyazev
12:15 pm Close of Meeting