The San Juan Solstice 50 Mile Run

Divide & Conquer


Registration starts at

7 am, January 15, 2014,

Mountain Standard Time on


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The race is limited to 200 runners. YOU MUST BE QUALIFIED to run this race. See details on the Registration Page. If you still have questions, email RD Jerry Gray here.

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The San Juan Solstice 50 mile endurance run is a scenic but very rugged loop at high altitude in the San Juans. The run consists of five main sections: the climb up Alpine Gulch and down William's Creek, the climb up to the old mining town of Carson, a long section along the Continental Divide, a descent to Slumgullion Pass, and a final hump up and over the Vicker's Ranch plateau. The very demanding San Juan Solstice 50 is for experienced trail runners only. For more details, choose a topic in the navigation bar above to go to a specific section.

Cancellation Policy The race committee reserves the right to cancel or alter the race due to conditions outside of our control, such as weather, snowpack, high stream flow, fires, or other acts of nature. Runner's safety is our priority.

We will do our best to return a portion of the entry fee if the race is cancelled, but please remember that we incur a lot of costs and that this a non-profit event.

The San Juan Solstice 50 Mile Run operates under special use permits with USFS and the BLM.


The Town of Lake City


Dakota Jones, A New Course Record!!!

Click here for the race report & full results for 2013

Benefit Run for the Hinsdale County volunteer EMTs

The race donates 100% of its proceeds towards continuing education, rescue gear, & support of Hinsdale County’s all-volunteer Emergency Medical Technicians.

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Please visit our Sponsors Page and support them whenever   you can. They’ve been wonderful in their support of this race.

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Registration starts at
7 am, January 15, 2014,
Mountain Standard Time on

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Search and Rescue Card

If you don’t already have a card and aren’t already covered by the Search and Rescue Fund of Colorado, we strongly advise you click on

to find out how to purchase a CORSAR card online or by a local vendor. This card will save you the cost of search and rescue personnel and transport should you need it in the back country, and the minimal cost of the card goes to support the volunteer Colorado search and rescue mission.